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Tang Poetry: Appealing to All

秋日登吴公台上寺远眺 Gazing Afar from a Southern Temple on an Autumn Day

感遇 The Oranges

月下独酌 Drinking Alone under the Moon

春思 A Faithful Wife Longing for Her Husband in Spring

望岳 Gazing on Mount Tai

赠卫八处士 For Wei the Eighth

佳人 A Lovely Woman ( Seleted Verse )


Seeing Qiwu Qian Off after His Failure in Civil Service Examinations (Selected Verse)

青溪 The Blue Stream

渭川田家 Rural Scene by River Wei

西施咏 Song of the Beauty of the West

夏日南亭怀辛大 Thinking of Xin the Eldest by the Poolside on a Summer Day

宿业师山房待丁大不至 Waitinging in Vain for Ding the Eldest

寻西山隐者不遇 A Mountaintop Cottage ( Selected Verse )

宿王昌龄隐居 A Poet’s Hermitage

长安遇冯著 Meeting Feng Zhu in the Capital

夕次盱眙县 Moored at the Pier of Xuyi

东郊 The Eastem Countryside

送杨氏女 Farewell to Miss Yang

溪居 Living by the Brookside

塞上曲 Song of the Frontier (Ⅰ)

塞下曲 Song of the Frontier (Ⅱ)

子夜吴歌 Southern Ballad of Autumn

长干行 Ballad of a Trader’s Wife

游子吟 Song of the Parting Son

登幽州台歌 On the Tower at Youzhou

古意 Warriors and Songstress

琴歌 Song of the Zither

听董大弹胡笳弄兼寄语房给事 Dong Playing a Homesick Song (Selected Verse)

听安万善吹觱篥歌 A Tartar Pipe (Selected Verse)

夜归鹿门歌 Return to Deer Gate at Night

金陵酒肆留别 Parting at a Tavern in Jinling


Song of White Snow in Farewell to Secretary Wu Going Back to the Capital

丹青引赠曹将军霸 Pictures of Horses ( Selected Verse )

观公孙大娘弟子舞剑器行 Dance of a Swordswoman ( Selected Verse)

石鱼湖上醉歌 Drinking on Stone Fish Lake

桃源行 Song of Peach Blossom Land

丽人行 Satire on Fair Ladies

送杜少府之任蜀州 Farewell to Prefect Du

题大庾岭北驿 At the Northern Post of the Peak of Mumes

次北固山下 Passing by the Northern Mountains

破山寺后禅院 A Buddhist Retreat behind an Old Temple in the Mountain

春望 Spring View

月夜 A Moonlit Night

天末怀李白 Thinking of Li Bai from the End of the Earth

辋川闲居赠裴秀才迪 For My Outspoken Friend Pei Di in My Hermitage

山居秋暝 Autumn Evening in the Mountains

终南山 Mount Eternal South

过香积寺 The Temple of Incense

送梓州李使君 Seeing Li off to Zizhou

终南别业 My Hermitage in Southern Mountain

望洞庭湖赠张丞相 On Dongting Lake

岁暮归南山 Return to the Southern Hill by the End of the Year

过故人庄 Visiting an Old Friend’s Cottage

饯别王十一南游 Farewell to South-going Wang the Eleventh

寻南溪常道士 Visiting a Taoist by the Southern Creek

谷口书斋寄杨补阙 Written to Censor Yang in My Study at the Mouth of the Vale

江乡故人偶集客舍 Meeting with a Friend in a Riverside Hotel

喜见外弟又言别 Meeting and Parting with My Cousin

贼平后送人北归 Seeing a North-bound Friend Off

草 Grass

秋日赴阙题潼关驿楼 At the Western Pass on an Autumn Day

蝉 To the Cicadas

落花 Falling Flowers

送人东游 Seeing a Friend Off to the East

灞上秋居 Autumn in the Countryside

寻陆鸿渐不遇 Visiting Lu Yu Without Meeting Him

积雨辋川庄作 Rainy Days in My Riverside Hermitage

客至 For a Friend

登高 On the Height

赠阙下裴舍人 For Secretary Pei of the Imperial Court

遣悲怀(其二) To My Deceased Wife (Ⅱ)

无题 To One Unnamed

利州南渡 Crossing the Southern River

竹里馆 The Bamboo Hut

相思 Love Seeds

杂诗 Our Native Place

送崔九 Farewell to Cui the Ninth

终南望馀雪 Snow atop the Southern Mountains

宿建德江 Mooring on the River at Jiande

春晓 A Spring Morning

静夜思 Thoughts on a Tranquil Night

怨情 Waiting in Vain

登鹳雀楼 On the Stork Tower

送灵澈 Seeing off a Recluse

听弹琴 Playing on Lute

听筝 A Zitherist

新嫁娘词 A Bride

玉台体 Good Omens

何满子 The Swan Song

春怨 A Lover’s Dream

哥舒歌 General Geshu

玉阶怨 Waiting in Vain on Marble Steps

江南曲 A Southern Song

回乡偶书 Home-Coming

闺怨 Sorrow of a Young Bride in her Boudoir


Coming across a Disfavored Court Musician on the Southern Shore of the Yangzi River

滁州西涧 On the West Stream at Chuzhou

月夜 A Moonlit Night

春怨 Loneliness

后宫词 The Deserted

集灵台(其二) Long Life Terrace (Ⅱ)

宫中词 Within the Palace

秋夕 An Autumn Night

金谷园 The Golden Valley Garden

嫦娥 To the Moon Goddess

金陵图 The Lakeside Land

清平调(其一) The Beautiful Lady Yang (Ⅰ)


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Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Song Lyrics in Paintings (ISBN:9787500154372)

Sample pages of Song Lyrics in Paintings (ISBN:9787500154372)

Sample pages of Song Lyrics in Paintings (ISBN:9787500154372)

Sample pages of Song Lyrics in Paintings (ISBN:9787500154372)
Sample pages of Song Lyrics in Paintings (ISBN:9787500154372)
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Song Lyrics in Paintings