Masters on Masterpieces of Song Lyrics

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Language: English
Publication Date: 03/2016
ISBN: 9787508533193
Table of Contents
A Bleak and Solemn Bugle Call in the Frontier – On the Pride of Fishermen by Fan Zhongyan
Two Lyrics of Zhang Xian
Lovers Would Grieve at Parting as of Old – Appreciating the Bells Ringing in the Rain by Liu Yong
Great Leisure in a Small Bower – Appreciation of Yan Shu’s Silk-washing Stream
A Different Understanding to Yan Jidao’s Renowned Couplet
Sighs of a Heartbroken Lyricist – On Riverside Daffodils by Yan Jidao
“It Is not the Singer’s Pain I Pity, but Few Are Those Who Understand the Song!” – Appreciating Yan Jidao’s Riverside Daffodils from a Broader Aspect
On Beautiful Lady Yu by Yan Jidao
The Masterpiece of a “Veteran Fox” – Appreciating Wang Anshi’s Fragrance of Laurel Branch: In Memory of the Ancient Capital
A Natural Expression of Emotion – About Ouyang Xiu’s Song of Hawthorn
Delineating Deep Love with a Blooming Brush – On the Green Jade Cup by He Zhu
A Masterpiece throughout the Ages – Charm of a Maiden Singer: Ode of Red Cliff by Su Shi
A Talented and Ambitious Lyricist – On Prelude to Six-state Melody by Zhang Xiaoxiang
Aesthetic Personality and Art Sublimed by Cosmic Consciousness – Appreciating Charm of a Maiden Singer: Passing Dongting by Zhang Xiaoxiang
Expressing Tenderness with Subtle Skills – Analysis on Li Qingzhao’s A Twig of Mume Blossoms
On Yue Fei’s Manifold Little Hills
The Lovers Part while Willow Twigs Caress the Stream – On Sovereign of Wine: Willows by Zhou Bangyan
Refine Diction, Polish Wording – On Zhou Bangyan’s Fragrance Filling the Hall: Summer
Thousands of Words Sealed at the Tongue Tip – On Phoenix Hairpin by Lu You
On Several Lyrics by Xin Qiji
On Xin Qiji’s Pure Serene Music
A Novel Lyric at a Farewell Feast – On Xin Qiji’s The River All Red
Depression Hidden in Delight – On Xin Qiji’s Partridge in the Sky
On Jiang Kui’s A Skyful of Joy
Analysis on Jiang Kui’s A Skyful of Joy
Sorrow Is a Dominant Theme – Opinions on the Lantern Festival Lyrics by Li Qingzhao, Liu Chenweng and Wang Yuanliang
An Elegy to the Life – On Courtyard Full of Fragrance by Xu Junbao’s Wife
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Masters on Masterpieces of Song Lyrics