Masters on Masterpieces of Chinese Painting

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Language: English
Publication Date: 03/2016
ISBN: 9787508533209
Table of Contents
The Value of Literati Paintings
Gu Kaizhi’s Painting of Ode to Goddess Luo
Zhan Ziqian and His Painting Spring Outing
Han Gan and His Painting Herding Horses
Han Huang and His Painting Five Oxen
Gu Hongzhong’s Painting Han Xizai Evening Banquet
Zhou Wenju’s Playing Chess by Double Screens
Xu Xi, Huang Quan and “Non-Outlined Paintings”
Landscape Paintings by Fan Kuan
Wang Qihan’s Man Cleaning His Ear
Xiao and Xiang Rivers of Dong Yuan
Stories about the Painting Along the River during the Qingming Festival
Wen Tong and His Bamboo Paintings
The Two Mis and Three Zhaos
Emperor Huizong and Academy Painting of the Song Dynasty
Li Bai’s Image in Liang Kai’s Painting
A Brief Analysis of Ma Lin’s Listening to the Wind in the Pines
Secrets of Plum Blossom Paintings of the Song and Yuan Dynasties
Four Master Painters in Late Yuan Dynasty
Huang Gongwang and His Painting Nine Peaks Clearing after Snow
On Wang Meng’s Ge Zhichuan Resettlement
Fu Shan’s Piled Rocks on Hills
Bada Shanren and His Flower-and-Bird Paintings
Self-Portrait of Jin Nong
Ren Bonian’s Birds-Hunting in the Autumn
Wu Changshuo and His Plum Paintings
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Masters on Masterpieces of Chinese Painting