Guangdong Statistical Yearbook 2007

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Guangdong Statistical Yearbook 2007 covers very comprehensive data in 2006 and some selected major data series in historically important years since 1978 at provincial level and local levels of city, county and district. It is an annual statistics publication, which reflects various aspects of Guangdong's Social and economic development.

The data in the yearbook are mainly obtained from regular statistical reports and sample surveys conducted by the statistical bureaus of all levels of government and the Survey Office of the National Bureau of Statistics in Guangdong. Some data are collected from the departments of the central government and the provincial government. Data in the appendix are compiled from statistical publications published by the National Bureau of Statistics and other sources.

The units of measurement used in the yearbook are internationally standard measurement units, except those on cultivated land and sown areas which are used in "mu" in order to give consideration to the habit of using these data in China.

Horizontal approach is used to calculate the average annual growth rates in the yearbook.

Notations used in the Yearbook:

"..." indicates that the figure is not large enough to be measured with the smallest unit in the table;

"#" indicates a major breakdown of the total;

"blank space" indicates that the data are unknown or are not available'

"1" indicates footnotes at the end of the table.

Table of Contents

The yearbook contains the following twenty-two chapters:

1. Division of Administrative Areas and Natural Resources;

2. General Survey;

3. National Accounts;

4. Population;

5. Employment and Wages;

6. Investment in Fixed Assets;

7. Energy;

8. Government Finance

9. Price Indices

10. People's Livelihood

11. Agriculture

12. Industry

13. Construction

14. Transport, Post and Telecommunication Services 

15. Domestic Trade 

16. Foreign Trade 

17. Tourism 

18. Education, Science, Technology and Culture 

19. Sports, Public Health, Social Welfare, Environmental Protection and others 

20. Special Economic Regions 

21. Cities

22. Countries (County-level Cities) and Districts.


Meanwhile, the appendix of the yearbook includes five chapters:

1. Main Statistical Indicators of Some Provinces and Municipalities

2. Main Statistical Indicators of Nine Provinces and Autonomous Regions in the Pan Pearl River Delta

3. Main Statistics of Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions

4. Main Statistical Indicators of Taiwan Province

5. Main Statistics of Some Countries and Territories

Guangdong Statistical Yearbook 2007