My Chinese Classroom Intermediate 1 (With CD)

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My Chinese Classroom (Intermediate), as continuation of My Chinese Classroom (Elementary), is a series of Chinese text books designed for foreign readers who have already completed the beginner course of Chinese to improve their communication skills in a short time.

My Chinese Classroom (Intermediate) consists of three volumes, which cover more than 900 new words and 140 rules of grammar. In the selection of new words we referred to the HSK Test Syllabus (Elementary-Intermediate), composed by the HSK Center, Beijing Language and Culture University, from which we chose words mainly from level JIA and level YI. In the selection of grammar we referred to HSK Guidelines for Grade Level Criterion and Grammar (Elementary-Intermediate). After finishing these three volumes, readers should have a comprehensive grasp of intermediate Chinese grammar, thus they are able to narrate their experience and express their opinions more accurately.

Each volume consists of 10 units. Different from My Chinese Classroom (Elementary), there are two more parts, notes and Chinese idioms, in each unit of My Chinese Classroom (Intermediate), besides text, vocabulary, exercises, listening comprehension and Chinese characters. The section of notes can help readers to have a better understanding of grammar rules. The section of Chinese idioms introduces commonly used Chinese idioms to enrich readers’ spoken vocabulary and expressions. Moreover, for the section of Chinese characters, pictures of public places such as streets and supermarkets show the Chinese characters we see everywhere in our daily life. We believe it will help those who are interested in Chinese characters a lot.

In this series, special emphasis is laid on the topics of different volumes. The topics in volume 1 are mainly focused on social communication, such as narrating one’s experience to his colleagues, being a guest in a Chinese family, arranging travel plans, communicating with one’s boss on work, etc. The topics in volume 2 are more for expressing one’s own opinions, such as traffic, body-building, housing, entertainment, Chinese superstition on numbers, etc.In volume 3, the topics on Chinese culture are introduced, such as Confucianism, Chinese way to stay healthy, folk legends, traditions and customs, etc. All the topics are closely related to one’s everyday life, and are carefully selected to cater to the interest of most expatriates in China. The language in texts is easy and smooth, idiomatic, lively and humorous.
Table of Contents
第一课 我在纽约住了七八年
第二课 中秋节你怎么过?
第三课 我刚把它放在抽屉里
第四课 对不起,我迟到了
第五课 我从不参加旅游团
第六课 一路上顺利吗?
第七课 真急死我了!
第八课 她长的什么样?
第九课 带他们去哪里玩儿好呢?
第十课 这家数码广场真大啊!
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My Chinese Classroom Intermediate 1 (With CD)