Masters on Masterpieces of Chinese Calligraphy

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Language: English
Format: 22.8 x 15.4 x 1.4 cm
Page: 224
Publication Date: 01/2017
ISBN: 9787508530888, 7508530888
Table of Contents
The Origin, Necessity and Importance of Calligraphy
Stele and Rubbing
How to Choose Steles and Rubbings to Learn
Scripture Transcription, Scripture Transcriber, and Calligraphy of Scripture Transcription
Calligraphy School and Doctors in Huizong Period
Su Shi and Calligraphy
Feibai Script
The Wildness of Wild Cursive Script
To Be Creative and Different—Wang Xizhi and His Calligraphic Art
Drtzft of a Requiem to My Nephew by Yan Zhenqing
A Letter Beginning with "Mid—autumn" by Wang Xianzhi
Stele Inscription in the Confrucius Temple by Yu Shinan
Liu Gongquan and Calligraphy
A Brief Talk about the "Crazy" Zhang and "Drunk" Su
Mengying, an Eminent Monk Calligrapher
Infiltration of Zen in Calligraphic Style—On Huang Tingjian's calligraphic style
Calligraphic Treasure Ru Tie
Ren Xun, a Calligrapher ofjin Dynasty
Zhao Mengfu and His Calligraphy in Zhao's Style
On Seal Characters by Wu Changshuo
Thousand Character Essay and Historical Calligraphers
Zheng Banqiao's Calligraphy in the Rubbing Prices for Art Work
Chinese Characters,  the Chinese Language and Calligraphy
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Masters on Masterpieces of Chinese Calligraphy