China City Statistical Yearbook 2008

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"China City Statistical Yearbook 2008" the year covered by the national statistical data or all of the city are at the end including the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan Province; information listed in "the city" for all the administrative regions of the city, including urban, suburban,市辖County; "Urban area" includes urban, suburban, excluding市辖County. Wuhan City in 2007 the total area does not contain information Huangpi District, New Jersey area,江夏区and data Caidian District.
     It is introduced in 1997 and above level cities, county-level cities separate statistics, only some of indicators of county-level cities and city-level and above, consistent system of statistical indicators, the information in this yearbook is divided into the information level and above the county level cities and city statistics in two parts.
    "China City Statistical Yearbook 2008" applies to all levels of government administration, urban planning and design departments, urban socio-economic research institutes, municipal construction and real estate agencies, real estate services and information units, such as an advisory body and the various tertiary hospital workers School teachers and students to use. The Yearbook is outside investors, business people and concerned about the development of Chinese cities are an important reference.
     "China City Statistical Yearbook 2008" of the editing and publishing, by the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Bureau of Statistics, National Bureau of Statistics of the Survey Organization, municipalities and the Investigation Team as well as the Bureau of Statistics China Statistics Press for their support, would like to express my heartfelt thank. Due to heavy workload, and the editor of the publication of the standard of the time is limited, inappropriate criticism welcome readers.
Table of Contents
First, in 2007 the city administrative divisions and Urban Development Overview
   1-1 city administrative divisions and regional distribution of 3
   1-2 People's Republic of China in 2007 changes in administrative divisions above the county level (in administrative division more time to re-examine the sequence) 4
   1-3 list of 5 cities cities
   1-4 urban construction and development of socio-economic achievements of 11
     11 30 years of reform and opening up China's economic and social development achievements of the series of reports
   1-5 2007 report of the socio-economic development of the Town 15
   1-6 to establish the scientific development of China's urban system of evaluation 19
   1-7 the three northeastern provinces and regional differences in economic development and improve regional economic co-ordination mechanism of interaction 27
   1-8 2007 Hong Kong, Macao and the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze comparative study of economic development 38
Second, in 2007 the city level and above statistics
     2-1 Population 49
     57 labor and employment 2-2
     2-3 by the three industries the employment status of employees in the unit 65
     2-4 units in the structure of employment of employees 73
     2-5 units grouped by industry practitioners (a) 81
     2-6 units grouped by industry professionals (b) 89
     2-7 units grouped by industry practitioners (c) 97
     2-8 units grouped by industry practitioners (d) 105
     2-9 units grouped by industry practitioners (e) 113
     2-10 units grouped by industry practitioners (f) 121
     2-11 of land resources (a) 129
     2.12 of land resources, (b) 137
     2-13 overall economic (a) 145
     2-14 integrated economy (b) 153
     2.15 The output of major agricultural products (the city) 161
     2-16 per capita agricultural production (the city) 169
     2-17 industrial output value of 177
     185 industrial enterprises in a number of 2-18
     2-19 sub-total industrial output value of above 193
     2-20 of industrial enterprises above the Finance (a) 201

     2-21 of industrial enterprises above designated financial (b) 209
     2-22 of investment in fixed assets 217
     2-23 Business Economics 225
     2-24 Foreign Direct Investment 233
     2-25 Financial (city) 241
     2-26 Financial (Urban Area) 249
     2-27 Financial 257
     2-28 wages 265
     2-29 number of 273 schools
     2-30 Number of full-time faculty 281
     2-31 number of students in school 289
     2-32 Culture 297
     2-33 Health 305
     2-34 Transportation (city) (a) 313
     2-35 Transportation (city) (b) 321
     2-36 of Posts and Telecommunications 329
     337 Communications 2-37
     2-38 water and power supply (Urban Area) 345
     2-39 amount of city gas (city area) 353
     2-40 City Road and Traffic (City Area) 361
     2-41 environmental conditions (a) investment in environmental governance (the city) 369
     Environmental conditions 2-42 (b) the main indicators of environmental governance (the city) 373
     Environment 2-43 (c) waste disposal rate (the city) 381
     Environmental conditions 2-44 (d) Urban Greening (Urban Area) 385
Third, information on 2007 county-level cities
   3-1 Population 395
   3-2 Labor and Employment 400
   3-3 of land resources, 410
   3-4 overall economic 415
   3-5 major agricultural production 425
   3-6 to complete the amount of investment in real estate development 435
   3-7 business trade 440
   3-8 Education 450
   3-9 health care services 460
   3-10 wage standard 465
IV Appendix
   473 Main Statistical Indicators
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China City Statistical Yearbook 2008