China City Statistical Yearbook 2010

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"China City Statistical Yearbook 2010 " The Yearbook of the country or all of the cities involved in the statistics, are at the end including the Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan Province; information listed in the "city"for all the administrative regions of the city, including City, Suburban counties under municipal jurisdiction; "municipal district"includes urban, suburban, not including the municipal county.

Should be noted that in 1997 introduced the city level and above, separate statistics on county-level cities, county-level city is only part of the indicators and the city level and above are consistent statistical indicator system, so the information in this yearbook is divided into ground-level data and Above county-level cities and city statistics in two parts.

"China City Statistical Yearbook 2010 " applies to all levels of government administration, urban planning and design department, the city social and economic research institutes, municipal construction and real estate agencies, brokerage services and information of various advisory bodies and other units of the workers in the various tertiary institutions Teachers and students to use. The Yearbook is also foreign investors, businessmen and people who care about urban development in China an important reference.

"China City Statistical Yearbook 2010 " edited and published by the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities Bureau of Statistics, National Bureau of Statistics of the Survey Corps, municipalities and the Bureau of Statistics and China Statistical Press investigation team for their support, to express my heartfelt thanks . As a result of a large amount of time is tight and the editor published in the standard is limited, inappropriate, warmly welcome readers criticized the correction.
Table of Contents
First, in 2009 the city administrative divisions and Urban Development Overview
1.2009 socio-economic development of China's urban Overview 3
2. Basic City 9 Statistical Review and Outlook
3. China City Statistical Indicators and its Application 11
1-1 Sichuan city administrative divisions and 13 regional distribution
1-2 List of sub-regional situation in 14 cities
Second, in 2009 the city level and above statistics
2-1 Population 23
Labor and Employment 31, 2-2
2-3 units of the three industries by employment status of 39 employees
Unit 47 employees in the employment structure 2-4
2-5 unit of employees by industry group (a) 55
2-6 unit of employees by industry group (b) 63
2-7 unit of employees by industry group (c) 71
2-8 unit of employees by industry groups (four) 79
2-9 unit of employees by industry group (V) 87
2-10 units grouped by industry practitioners (f) 95
2-11 land resources (a) 103
2-12 land resources (b) 111
2-13 overall economic (a) 119
2-14 overall economic (b) 127
2-15 of 135 total industrial output value
2-16 of 143 industrial enterprises
2-17 of 151 above-scale Enterprises Group
2-18 scale industrial enterprises Finance (a) 159
2-19 scale industrial enterprise financial (b) 167
2-20 Investment in Fixed Assets 175
2-21 Business Economics 183
2-22 of 191 foreign direct investment
2-23 Financial (city) 199
2-24 Finance (City area) 207
Finance 215 2-25
2-26 223 WAGES
2-27 Number of schools 231
2-28 Number of full-time faculty 239
2-29 Number of Students 247
2-30 255 students listed in the
2-31 Culture 263
2-32 Health 271
2-33 Transportation (city) (a) 279
2-34 Transportation (city) (b) 287
2-35 295 Posts
303 Communications 2-36
2-37 water and power supply (municipal districts) 311
2-38 city gas consumption (municipal districts) 319
2-39 City Road and Traffic (City area) 327
2-40 environmental governance investment (city) 335
2-41 Main Indicators of environmental governance (the city) 339
2-42 waste disposal rate (the city) 347
2-43 Town Green (City area) 355
Third, information on county-level cities in 2009
3-1 Population 365
3-2 Labor Force and Employment 370
3-3 380 Land Resources
3-4 overall economic 385
Major Agricultural Products 390 3-5
Investment in real estate development 3-6 400
3-7 business trade 405
3-8 Education 410
3-9 420 medical services
Wage levels 3-10 430
IV, appendix
443 Main Statistical Indicators
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China City Statistical Yearbook 2010