Common Chinese Patterns 330

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Author: Chen Ru; Zhu Xiaoya;
Language: English, Chinese
Format: Papercover
Page: 330
Publication Date: 01/2010
ISBN: 9787802006478
Publisher: Sinolingua Press
You may encounter the following sentences when learning Chinese:
Has Sam become fatter or thinner?
Is the watch Miranda’s?
What is Tom’s attitude towards me?

If you can answer these three questions correctly, congratulations! You have the ability to communicate with Chinese people. However, if you read or heard these sentences and didn't understand their meaning, then this book is the one for you!There are a large number of grammatical phenomena in the Chinese language, where some words are always used together with others, forming set structures, or compounds, which have specific meanings. In this book, 330 such set structures are introduced and explained in detail. Each structure is accompanied by multiple example sentences to facilitate your understanding, and increase your ability to use the structure accurately.
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by Justin on 2012-12-11 19:18:25
I didn't find this to be very helpful. It is just a big list of grammar patterns, which are not organised in any useful way.
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Common Chinese Patterns 330