A New Chinese-English Dictionary of Function Words

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  • Author: Wang Huan;
  • Language: Chinese-English
  • Page: 514
  • Publication Date: 01/1999
  • ISBN: 780052504X/H·656
  • Publisher: Sinolingua Press

This is a concise and practical dictionary of the function words of the modern Chinese language, designed primarily for learners of Chinese as a second language. But as the definitions and usages are given both in Chinese and in English, Chinese students, teachers and linguists may also find it useful.

The entries of this dictionary include all the function words and function phrases of modern Chinese. There are altogether 947 entries including: 565 adverbs, 59 prepositions, 139 conjunctions, 44 particles, 38 interjections, 36 compounds, 66 structures.

By “compounds” we mean the idiomatic phrases such as “无须乎”,“大不了”,and by structures we mean the functional structures such as “既…又…”,“连…都…”.

This new dictionary has several improvements upon its previous version: All the entries are sequenced alphabetically instead of by parts of speech; and the examples are all taken from everyday life rather than works of literature.

Under each entry, some explicit put simple examples are given. For the convenience of foreign users, the Chinese phonetic alphabet (Pinyin) has been adopted to represent the pronunciation of words.

There is a phonetic alphabetical index in front of the contents for user’s convenience.


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