Chinese Conjunctions Without Tears

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This book is targeted for foreign students with primary Chinese level or above to help them make compound sentences or longer composite sentences from shorter and partial sentences and expressions, and practise them in paragraphs. This book focuses on compound sentences and illustrates with rich and colloquial sentences. Each unit is complemented with exercises and keys.
Table of Contents
并列关系 Coordinative relation.
罗列关系 Relation of enumeration
连贯关系 Successive relation
假设关系 Suppositional relation
因果关系 Relation of cause and effect
选择关系 Alternative relation
条件关系 Conditional relation
转折关系 Adversative relation
对立关系 Relation of opposition
递进关系 Progressive relation
连锁关系 Chain relation
练习参考答案 Reference answers
Chinese Conjunctions Without Tears