Chinese Calligraphy (Elementary Two)

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Chinese calligraphy textbook is currently the highest rates of primary and secondary school supplementary calligraphy class. Calligraphy (International Edition) with calligraphy core content-based, taking into account the different characteristics of the population abroad to learn calligraphy be adapted for overseas readers to read and learn. The book follows the laws of learning calligraphy step by step. 
Table of Contents
Unit One Structure on the Horizonta IAxis Part Two 
Lesson 1 The 'Sun'and Eye'Radicals 
Lesson 2 The 'Catty' and 'Standing Knife' Radicals 
Lesson 3 The Revelation' and 'Clothes' Radical 
Lesson 4 The 'Speech' and 'Twined Silk' Radicals 
Lesson 5 The 'Mouth' and 'Mountain'Radicals 
Lesson 6 Comprehensive Revision 
Unit Two Vertical Composition 
Lesson 1 The 'Person' and 'Spring' Radicals Above 
Lesson 2 The Roof With One Dot'and Rain' Radicals Above 
Lesson 3 The 'Grass' and 'Bamboo' Radicals Above 
Lesson 4 The Receptacle' and 'Mouth' Radical Below 
Lesson 5 The Heart' and 'Four Dots' Radicals Below 
Lesson 6 The Wood', 'Earth' and King' Radicals Below 
Lesson 7 Comprehensive Revision 
Unit Three Surrounding C omposition 
Lesson 1 The'Wide'and'Tiger'Radicals 
Lesson 2 The'Walking'Radical 
Lesson 3 The 'Surrounding' and'Door' Radicals 
Lesson 4 Comprehensive Revision 
Unit Four Sc roll Dimensions and the Method of Spacing 
Lesson 1 Scroll Dimensions and Spacing 
Lesson 2 General Knowledge about Seals 
Lesson 3 Folding Guidelines for Equilateral Square Scrolls, Fans and Couplets 
Lesson 4 Collective Character Revision on a Horizontal Scroll 
Lesson 5 Collective Revision on a Vertical Scroll 
Lesson 6 Collective Character Revision on a Central Hanging 
Lesson 7 Collective Character Revision for a Fan 
Lesson 8 Collective Character Revision in Couplets
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Chinese Calligraphy (Elementary Two) (ISBN:9787507540581) 

Sample pages of Chinese Calligraphy (Elementary Two) (ISBN:9787507540581)
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Chinese Calligraphy (Elementary Two)