Chinese Calligraphy (Elementary) Vol 1

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Chinese calligraphy textbook is currently the highest rates of primary and secondary school supplementary calligraphy class. Calligraphy (International Edition) with calligraphy core content-based, taking into account the different characteristics of the population abroad to learn calligraphy be adapted for overseas readers to read and learn. The book follows the laws of learning calligraphy.
Table of Contents
Unit One Getting to Know Calligraphy 
Lesson 1 Chinese Characters and Calligraphy 
Lesson 2 Getting Familiar with My Tools 
Lesson 3 How to Approach Learning Calligraphy 
Unit Two Basic Brushstrokes and Simple Characters 
Lesson 1 The Horizontal Stroke 
Lesson 2 Simple Characters Featuring the Horizontal Stroke 
Lesson 3 The Vertical Stroke 
Lesson 4 Simple Characters Featuring the Vertical Stroke 
Lesson 5 The Falling Leftwards Stroke 
Lesson 6 The Falling Rightwards Stroke 
esson 7 Simple Characters Featuring Falling Leftwards and Rightwards Strokes 
Lesson 8 The Vertical, Curved and Horizontal Hooked Strokes 
Lesson 9 Simple Characters Featuring Vertical and Curved Hooked Strokes 
Lesson 10 The Slanting and Recumbent Hooked Strokes 
Lesson 11 Simple Characters Featuring Slanting Hooked Strokes 
Lesson 12 Comprehensive Revision 
Unit Three Structure on the Horizontal Axis Part One 
Lesson 1 The'Single and Double Person Radicals 
Lesson 2 The Three Dots of Water' Radical 
Lesson 3 The Vertical Heart' and Lifting Hand' Radicals 
Lesson 4 The Wood' and -Grain' Radicals 
Lesson 5 The Left Ear'and Right Ear'Radicals 
Lesson 6 Comprehensive Revision
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Chinese Calligraphy (Elementary) Vol 1 (ISBN:9787507540574) 

Sample pages of Chinese Calligraphy (Elementary) Vol 1 (ISBN:9787507540574)
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Chinese Calligraphy (Elementary) Vol 1