Sharing the Beauty of China: Chinese Calligraphy

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Calligraphy is the quintessence of Chinese culture. When the ancient Orientals carved the earliest abstract symbols on the walls of their cave houses, and on animal bones and tortoise shells, their symbolic action marked the beginning of the Chinese written language and civilization. At the same time, it indicated the beginning of the splendor of Chinese calligraphy. Why has Chinese calligraphy been able to survive several thousand years? How could it become a rare art independent of its functions for writing and recording events? What kind of close relations has it developed with the aesthetic standards, value concepts and cultural spirit of the Chinese people? How can we enter into this mysterious black and white world?
Table of Contents
Chinese Characters
Unique Chinese Characters
Oracle Bone Inscriptions and Inscriptions on Bronze Objects
Official Script and Later Scripts
Four Treasures of the Study
Beauty of Calligraphy
Beauty of the Strokes
Beauty of Composition
Beauty of Integration
Creativity of Calligraphy Art
Diligent Practice
Conveying the Emotion of the Calligrapher
Expressing Talents of the Calligrapher
Emotion, Bacchus and Running Style
Calligraphy and Chinese Culture
Calligraphy Masters
Father and Son: Leaders of the Time
Masters of the Tang Dynasty
Three Masters Focusing on Temperament and Taste
Modern Reforms
Renascence of Calligraphy
The Splendor of Calligraphy Today
Chinese Calligraphy Spreads Worldwide
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Sample pages of Sharing the Beauty of China: Chinese Calligraphy (ISBN:9787508540214) Sample pages of Sharing the Beauty of China: Chinese Calligraphy (ISBN:9787508540214) Sample pages of Sharing the Beauty of China: Chinese Calligraphy (ISBN:9787508540214)
Calligraphy is the quintessence of Chinese culture. There have emerged some 1,000 kinds of written languages in the world. First, they were used to record events and what people wanted to say. In writing, people strive to make the scripts look beautiful and elegant. To meet special needs, they are written in artistic styles. The writing of Chinese characters has been developed into a special highlevel art. Chinese calligraphy has flourished for several thousand years. Like painting, sculpture, poetry, music, dance and opera, it is a full member of the family of arts. 
Calligraphy can be found everywhere in China, and is closely linked to daily life. In addition, it leads other arts in the number of people who practice it. 
Signboards with inscriptions by famous figures are often found in shops and shopping centers, adding an antique elegance to busy trading areas. 
Calligraphic works also decorate sitting rooms, studies and bedrooms. The Chinese characters are written on Xuan paper which is good at absorbing ink. The work will be pasted on a piece of thick paper with a silk edge, and then mounted on a scroll or put into a picture frame for hanging on a wall. Usually, the calligraphic work contains a poem, a pair of couplets or a motto the host likes very much. If the calligraphic work is written by the host himself, it will demonstrate his aspiration and interest as well as his literary or artistic talent. A calligraphic work can bring vitality to a white wall, pleasing to guests and friends.
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Sharing the Beauty of China: Chinese Calligraphy