Sharing the Beauty of China: Chinese Calligraphy

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Language: English
Page: 148
Publication Date: 08/2018
ISBN: 9787508540214
Calligraphy is the quintessence of Chinese culture. When the ancient Orientals carved the earliest abstract symbols on the walls of their cave houses, and on animal bones and tortoise shells, their symbolic action marked the beginning of the Chinese written language and civilization. At the same time, it indicated the beginning of the splendor of Chinese calligraphy. Why has Chinese calligraphy been able to survive several thousand years? How could it become a rare art independent of its functions for writing and recording events? What kind of close relations has it developed with the aesthetic standards, value concepts and cultural spirit of the Chinese people? How can we enter into this mysterious black and white world?
Table of Contents
Chinese Characters
Unique Chinese Characters
Oracle Bone Inscriptions and Inscriptions on Bronze Objects
Official Script and Later Scripts
Four Treasures of the Study
Beauty of Calligraphy
Beauty of the Strokes
Beauty of Composition
Beauty of Integration
Creativity of Calligraphy Art
Diligent Practice
Conveying the Emotion of the Calligrapher
Expressing Talents of the Calligrapher
Emotion, Bacchus and Running Style
Calligraphy and Chinese Culture
Calligraphy Masters
Father and Son: Leaders of the Time
Masters of the Tang Dynasty
Three Masters Focusing on Temperament and Taste
Modern Reforms
Renascence of Calligraphy
The Splendor of Calligraphy Today
Chinese Calligraphy Spreads Worldwide
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Sharing the Beauty of China: Chinese Calligraphy