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1928-1937 excavations in 15 seasons in the Ruins of Yin beginning with the discovery of oracle bones. A general account of the 15 excavations that bring the legendary early Bronze Age of China within the realm of Chinese written history. A first-person narrative by the director of the Anyang experience and researches.
Table of Contents
1.Oracle Bone Inscriptions
Their First Appearance and Initial Reception in the Learned World 14
壹 甲骨文:最初的发现及学术界的初步接触
2.Exploratory Period
Collection, Deciphering, and Paleographic Studies of the Inscribed Oracle Bones 30
贰 探索阶段:甲骨文的搜集、考释和古文字学研究
3.Field Method
As Demonstrated by Western Geologists, Paleontologists, and Archaeologists in China in the Early Twentieth Century 66
叁 20世纪初期在中国的西方地质学家、古生物学家和考古学家演示的田野方法
4.Early Period
of Planned Digging in Anyang 100
肆 安阳有计划发掘的初期
5.The Royal Tombs
Their Discovery and Systematic Excavation 148
伍 王墓群的发现及系统发掘
6.Last Three Seasons of Field Work
in Hsiao-t’un before World War II 182
陆 二战前小屯的最后三次田野发掘
7.Wartime Efforts
to Continue the Anyang Research 224
柒 战时继续安阳研究
8.Postwar Academic Working Conditions
and Studies of the Anyang Finds 260
捌 战后的学术工作情况及安阳发现物的研究
9.Prehistoric Remains
and Traditional Accounts of Ancient China 290
玖 史前遗物和有关古代中国的传说+AU9
Structural Remains and Suggested Reconstructions of Surface Buildings 320
拾 建筑:建筑遗迹和地上建筑物复原之设想
11.1The Economy
Agriculture and Artifacts 346
拾壹 经济:农业和制造业
12.Decorative Art
of the Yin-Shang Dynasty 378
拾贰 殷商的装饰艺术
13.Genealogy, Chên-jên
and Some Aspects of Kinship 400
拾叁 谱系、贞人和亲族关系
14.Worship of Ancestors and Other Spirits 420
拾肆 祖先及神灵崇拜
15.Notes on the Physical Anthropology of the Yin-Shang Population 432
拾伍 关于殷商人的体质人类学评述
Notes 446
Appendix: Chinese Characters for Proper Names and Other Terms 469
Bibliography 477
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