When I was in China 2

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Level: Elementary

This book is in the Chinese Reading for Practical Purposes: Step by Step series. It is the sequel to When I was in China.  Both the books are in Reading Level-1 and are designed for students who have reached the basic level of HSK or those who have learned 500 Chinese words or have studied Chinese for more than 3 months. This book has altogether 16 compositions, all of which are written by foreign students studying in China. After studying some time, they wrote in Chinese their interesting life in China. The topics involve various aspects, including food and drinks, transportation, travel, sports and activities etc. The contents reflect the author’s unique perspective and considerations on Chinese society and culture.It has "Reading Tips" before the lesson and "Have you understood it?" after the lesson. In addition to the annotations in pinyin, English, Korean and Japanese for the new words, the corresponding pinyin is also provided for all the stories.

About the Author
Fang Ling is a teacher of the College of Advanced Chinese Training, Beijing Language and Culture University.
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When I was in China 2