A Dictionary of Chinese Synonyms with English Translation (2nd Edition)

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Author: Wang Huai;
Language: Chinese, English
Format: 19.8 x 13.4 x 2 cm
Page: 508
Publication Date: 05/2015
ISBN: 9787561941706, 7561941706
Level: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced
Middle School, College, Adults

This is a dictionary of Chinese synonyms compiled especially for foreigners who are learning Chinese. It is written by TCFL experts in BLCU and edited by Professor Wang Huan. Based on the practical needs of Chinese teaching for foreigners, the dictionary has chosen 420 pairs of confusable synonyms from theGraded Syllabus of Chinese Proficiency Vocabulary and Charactersand made concise descriptions and analyses on the aspects of word meaning, collocation and usage, together with a large number of easy examples. All the analyses and examples are provided with English translations.

About the Author
Ms. Wang Huan, born in 1915, is one of the pioneers in the field of teaching Chinese as a foreign language and a professor in Beijing Language and Culture University(BLCU). She graduated from the English Department of Tsinghua University in 1938 and had been teaching successively in National Southwest Associated University, Peking University and Cambridge. She was once a member of Chinese Language Society. She wrote books like Acquired from the Outside—A Collection of Papers on Chinese and Chinese Teaching, B?-sentence and Bèi-sentence and compiled quite a few Chinese and Chinese-English dictionaries.
Table of Contents
凡例Guide to the Use of the Dictionary
词语检索表Guide to Entries
近义词检索表Guide to Synonyms
词典正文The Dictionary
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A Dictionary of Chinese Synonyms with English Translation (2nd Edition)