IBDP-Mandarin ab initio Coursebook 1

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Author: Venus Liu;
Page: 468
Publication Date: 04/2021
ISBN: 9787513818797
Publisher: Sinolingua Press
Series: IBDP-Mandarin ab initio Coursebook
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CHUFA is a two-volume textbook designed for IBDP Mandarin ab initio courses. It can also serve as an IBDP Mandarin ab initio coursebook for international schools and supplementary material for other beginning or intermediary-level Chinese courses. The defining features are:1. Focus on five themes and twenty prescribed topics in the language ab initio guide;2. Tailored for senior middle school students attending the IB course with a focus on their daily lives;3. Provide such instructions as context, audience, purpose, meaning, and language variations to strengthen students’ understanding of the three text types stipulated in the new guide: personal texts, professional texts, and mass media texts.4. Design pre-class exercises and parts of the comprehensive exercises according to the Mandarin ab initio specimen papers. These exercises are presented in the same way as they would be on the IB exam to familiarize students with the exam questions.
Table of Contents
Table of contents: IBDP-Mandarin ab initio Coursebook 1 (ISBN:9787513818797)
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Sample pages of IBDP-Mandarin ab initio Coursebook 1 (ISBN:9787513818797)
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IBDP-Mandarin ab initio Coursebook 1