Experiencing Chinese Oral Course 6 (with audios)

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Experiencing Chinese Oral Course is compiled by the references of The Teaching Outline for the Foreign Students of Chinese Majors of Higher Education Institutions (Long-term learning) and International Curriculum for Chinese Language Education. This series is guided by the Experiencing teaching theory to make students learn Chinese through using Chinese, which also make use of the advantages of task-based language teaching and learning. It designs class activities of meaning-centered and promotes interaction and intercommunication in class. Experiencing Chinese Oral Course consists of 8 books. Each lesson contains 2 to 3 objectives and 4 to 5 texts within one theme, which is suitable for 6 to 8 teaching hours.
Table of Contents
第一课 我的大学
第二课 舌尖上的中国
第三课 旅游
第四课 电影
第五课 网络时代
第六课 非诚勿扰
第七课 家里的那些事儿
第八课 存钱还是花钱
第九课 那些让人上瘾的坏习惯
第十课 低碳生活
第十一课 朋友
第十二课 地球上的另类公民动物
第十三课 你相信广告吗?
第十四课 什么是时尚
第十五课 面对灾难

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Experiencing Chinese Oral Course 6 (with audios)