Chinese For Beginners

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Table of Contents
Unit 1 Who are you?
1—1 What is your name?
1—2 Where are you from?
1—3 Are you a student?
1—4 Who is he/she?
Unit 2 When do you go to school?
2—1 Can you count?
2—2 What time is it now?
2—3 Morning or afternoon?
2—4 Do you have a busy life?
Unit 3 What do you like to eat?
3—1 Do you like dumpling?
3—2 I like apple.
3—3 I like chicken.
3—4 Do you want a cup of tea?
Unit 4 I like shopping!
4—1 What is your favorite color?
4—2 This is too big.
4—3 How much is this?
4—4 It's too expensive!
Unit 5 Do you live in a big city?
5—1 I go to work by car.
5—2 Is there a supermarket near here?
5—3 The bank is on the left.
5—4 How can I get to the underground station?
Unit 6 How about the weather?
6—1 What is the temperature today?
6—2 Is it cold in January?
6—3 I like spring.
6—4 I catch a cold.
Unit 7 What is your hobby?
7—1 What day is it today?
7—2 I like swimming.
7—3 I watch TV news every day.
7—4 We can do a lot of things through internet.
Vocabulary List
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Chinese For Beginners (ISBN:9787301272251)

Sample pages of Chinese For Beginners (ISBN:9787301272251)
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Chinese For Beginners