Up and Out of Poverty

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As the first personal monograph of General Secretary Xi Jinping, this book faithfully records his practices of carrying out the party's line, policies and regulations, building well-off society in an all-around way and promoting the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics; shows his key thoughts in economic, political, cultural, social, ecological civilization construction and Party building; reflects his firm political stand, value pursuit and thinking style, thus of great theoretical value and practical value.
Table of Contents
How Can a Weak Hatchling Bird Be the First to Fly? — Thoughts from Inspecting the Nine Counties of Ningde September 1988
"Economic Chorus" September 1988
The Basic Proficiency of Officials — Maintaining Close Ties with the People January 1989
The Glories of Ningde — Thoughts on Cultural Progress January 1990
Clean Government Is the Historical Mission of Communists February 1990
A Chat About Entering Public Service March 1990
The Nature of a Secretary's Work— An Intimate Discussion with Officials in Prefecture and County General Offices March 1990
Water Droplets Drilling Through Rock March 1990
Always Keeping the People in Mind — On Handling Petition Work in the New Situation April 1990
Seize New Opportunities October 1988
Thoughts on Economic Development in Ningde Prefecture January 1989
Work for the Interests of the Local People with Each Term in Office January 1989
Journalism: Mastering the Fundamentals May 1989
Correctly Manage Six Relationships in Ningde's Economic Development February 1989
Both Sides of Ningde's Fiscal Economy in the New Situation March 1989
Opening Up the Economy of the She People April 1989
Forests Are the Key to Ningde's Revitalization — Thoughts on a Strategic Issue for Economic Development in Ningde January 1989
Strengthening the Great Unity of All Ethnic Groups — Reflections on Promoting the Common Prosperity of Ethnic Minorities June 1989
Real Options for Drafting and Implementing an Industrial Policy July 1989
Breaking Through Difficulties — Thoughts on Developing Township Enterprises in Poor Areas October 1989
Let the People's Congress Play a Bigger Role in Ningde's Development November 1989
Actively and Steadily Reform the Communist Youth League October 1989
Intellectual and Cultural Progress in Impoverished Areas December 1989
Enhancing Our Core Strength on the Front Line for Eliminating Poverty — Building Rural Party Organizations January 1990
Developing a New Resource — The Transfer of Surplus Rural Labor January 1990
How Should We Run Education? February 1990
The Path to Developing Big Agriculture April 1990
Building Collective Economic Strength in Townships and Villages to Alleviate Poverty April 1990
With One Heart and One Mind, the Country and People Will Flourish — Parting Words for the Leading Officials of Ningde Prefecture May 1990
Sample Pages Preview

The nine counties and cities of Ningde Prefecture constitute one of Fujian's more impoverished regions. Even though I visited all of those counties when I worked in Fujian, I always regretted not being able to help Ningde Prefecture more than I was able to at the time.
I was greatly inspired while recently reading some of the speeches and articles written by my colleague Xi Jinping while he was working in Ningde Prefecture. I have also been fortunate enough to revisit several counties in that region lately where I was very excited to see that the people there no longer have to worry about daily necessities, the economy is thriving, and the leadership of the prefectural committee of the Communist Party of China is in high spirits. All of this to a certain extent makes up for what I was unable to accomplish.
During their nearly two years working in Ningde, XiJinping and the departments under his leadership took the lead in implementing their "four grassroots initiatives. Their detailed inspections and informed considerations of Ningde's own characteristics and history allowed them to make proposals firmly rooted in the local situation.
They thoroughly did away with the current bad leadership habits of grandiose, empty, and formulaic speech. Even though after he moved on to new posts from Ningde, there is no doubt that the good conduct Xijinping practiced has been an inspiration to his successors, as what exists today comes from the past.
The strongest feature of Xijinping's writing from this period is that it never strays from the focus of economic development. This focus has become even clearer after Deng Xiaoping's speeches given during his recent south China inspection tour. This was not always the case, however, and for quite a long time some people had different opinions. Prefectures, counties, cities, departments, and enterprises certainly faced daunting workloads, and some people often-consciously or unconsciously - focused their attention on tasks other than economic development in order to showcase their other achievements. Some of these tasks were undoubtedly quite important, but nevertheless we still had to take economic development, and not any other issue, as our ultimate goal. Too many unrelated objectives will necessarily weaken the central focus of economic development. Xi Jinping once saw that a town government office he was visiting had a wall covered in red banners with congratulations for all sorts of accomplishments except for economic development. Xi thought that while it was certainly great to be awarded such honor banners, the leadership could not elevate relatively minor tasks without focusing on the main objective. He called for everyone to join forces to make full use of the geographical advantages Ningde was blessed with and form an "economic chorus," not another central task. Under his plan, Ningde firmly adhered to the principle of "one central task, two basic points"4 at all times.
With Ningde's relative poverty in mind, Xi Jinping repeatedly called for bold reforms and opening up. Even though Ningde is somewhat economically disadvantaged, it lies in a coastal region right next to Taiwan and the Pacific Ocean, and it has one of China's few deep-water ports. Given these features, the fastest way to resolve the persistent problems of lack of funding and talent is to speed up reforms, open up even further, increase domestic cooperation, and absorb foreign investment. We must not shy away from using outside funds and technology to develop our own resources, including Ningde's unique marine, stone, and lumber resources. This requires greater awareness of reform and opening up among officials and better business sense. No difficulty is too great as long as we are bold enough, try new things, and act First.

Up and Out of Poverty