Everything You Want to Know about the Communist Party of China

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This book aims to further such exchanges,and Li Junru hope it will help more people to have a better and more comprehensive understanding of China and the CPC.

It is divided into seven parts:"people" "thoughts""values""organization"operating mechanism of the CPC;"state system"and " road of peaceful develop—ment"To avoid repetition l some of the articles have been condensed,although there may still be some overlap.
Table of Contents
Chapterl People
The CPC Is an Assembly of Elites in Chinese Society
How Does the CPC EnroU itS Members?
Mao Zedong Was a Nationl Hero
The CPC Is a Group of Patriots

Chapter2 Thoughts
Understanding Socialism with Chinese Characteristics
Why Did We Choose SodaUsm with Chinese Characteristics?
SociaUsm with Chinese Characteristics Is by No Means CapitaLism with Chinese
On the Sinicization of Marxism
The Sinicization of Marxism and Patriotism

Chapter 3 Values
The Science-and Value-oriented PursuitS of Socialism with Chin ese
The Fine Trad~ions of the CPC
Giving Priority to Popular Support,Democracy and People’S Livelihood
China's Cultural Changes and Human Rights ProgreSS

Chapter4 0rganjzatiOn
HOW Is the CPC Organized?
Operation of the CPC's Organizations
The CPC’S Relations with State Power Organs

Chapter 5 Operating Mechanism of the CPC
The Secret ofthe CPC’S Success
Scientific and Democratic Decision Making
How Are Cadres Selected in China?

Chapter 6 State System
The“Five StarRedFlag”
Chinese Characteristics
HowtoViewChinats PoUtical Reform
Two Ways to Realize Chinese Democracy 

chapter 7 Road of Peaceful Development
The Past,Present,and Future of China’S Road
On Peaceful Development and Peaceful Rise
How Can China’S Road of Peaceful Development Be Understood?
Relationship Between Peaceful Development and Renaissance of Civilization
China's Peaceful Development and Negotiatory Security Mechanism in East Asia
Transnational Corporations in China:End Point or turning Point
China U.s. relations Entering a New Period ofDevelopment
The New Trend in the Modern World:Global Governance
Everything You Want to Know about the Communist Party of China