A Brave Journey:The Past and Present of the Communist Party of China

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With a population of nearly 1.4 billion, China is bound to have many stories to tell, so is the Communist Party of China with more than 90 million members. It is a mission impossible to present a panoramic view about the past and present of the Party in a single book. It is more feasible to trace the Party history in the chronological order and highlight some historic events in the course, an approach the author follows in this book. Consisting of nine chapters, the book tells vivid stories of historic significance about the Party for readers to better understand its past and present.

About Author
陈晋(Chen Jin), a professor of Peking University, deputy head of China Institute of CPC Literature Research, head of the Research Society of Mao Zedong Thought and Life, and former deputy head of the Party History and Literature Research Institute of the CPC Central Committee. Chen has specialized in the research of CPC history and literature and scripting for TV documentaries for years. He is a multi-time winner of such national honors as China Book Award, "Five-One" Project Award, China TV Golden Eagle Award and Huabiao Film Awards.
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Starting Point: The Birth of the Communist Party of China
Backdrop of the Party's Birth
In Search of the Right Ideology
Founding of the CPC

Chapter 2 Legend: What Lies beneath the Legend That Is the CPC?
Faith: Spreading Like a Wildfire
Where There's a Will, There's a Way
Unite and Forge ahead

Chapter 3 Mainstay: What Kind of Dreams and Faiths That Fired the Chinese Communist Revolution?
An Elegy
The United Front
A Tactical Formula
Twists and Turns

Chapter 4 Remarkable Feats: The Birth of New China
Essence of the Big Change
A Bittersweet Journey
The Change of People's Heart
Demonstration of Democracy
Two Historic Missions

Chapter 5 Explorations: What to Think of the Achievements and Mistakes of the Construction Period?
Exploration Begins with Learning
Great Undertakings in the Period of Exploration
What to Think of the Mistakes Made in Exploration?

Chapter 6 A New Journey: How Was the Reform and Opening-ug Policy Adopted and Advanced?
A Philosophical Question
At the Turning Point
The Breakthrough in the Economic Reform
A Clearer Vision for Modernization

Chapter 7 Spirit: What Temperament and Look Have Been Cultivated along the Way
Revolution: The Character of the 〝Foolish Old Man〞
Construction: The Spirit of Entrepreneurship
Reform: Pioneering and Responsibility

Chapter 8 Path: What Is the Greatest Achievement?
What Is the Chinese Path?
How Does the Chinese Path Become What It Is?
How Did the Chinese Path Evolve?

Chapter 9 Dream: Where Shall We Go?
〝Liberation〞 of Yesterday
〝Moderate Prosperity〞 of Today
〝Rejuvenation〞 of Tomorrow
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A Brave Journey:The Past and Present of the Communist Party of China