Volume 3: Politics: Towards More Mature and Established Systems

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Author: Yang Guangbin; Wang Heng; Lin Xuefei;
Language: English
Format: 23.4 x 15.8 x 2 cm
Page: 221
Publication Date: 09/2017
ISBN: 9787300246468
Publisher: China Renmin University Press
Series: New Concepts, New Ideals and New Strategies of Xi Jinping's Thought on the Governance of China
The most important characteristic of President Xi Jinping's series of important speeches lies in that, it puts forward the governance theory of Marxism in contemporary China centering on the fundamental issue of what kind of country is to be ruled and how to govern. Towards More Nature and Established Systems comprehensively presents the thoughts and strategies of state governance modernization from several aspects like ''the policy logic of promoting the modernization of state governance'' and ''build a system taking national governance capacity as the core''.
Table of Contents
Introduction A Study of Xi Jinping's Political Thought from the Perspective of Philosophy and Social Sciences
Chapter One A Preliminary Probe into Xi Jinping's Political Thought System
1.New Era and New Challenges Calling for New Thought
2.Historical Philosophy Rooted in the Chinese Civilization Gene
3.New Political Economics in Which Political System“Plays a Decisive Role”
4.National Governance Theory Based on State Governance Capability
5.New Development Philosophy Oriented towards a Just Society and the Concept of World Order
6.Historic Status:Marxism of the 21st Century
Chapter Two The Political Logic of Modernizing National Governance
1.Breaking Through:Wiping out Obstacles of Reform through Sweeping Anti—corruption Campaigns
2.Strategic Planning:Top—level Design Modernization of State Governance Blueprint
3.The Key:The“Four Comprehensives”Set for Promoting China's Strategic Planning
4.Upgrading:Scientific Development Driven by the New Development Philosophy
Chapter Three Building Institutional Framework with National Governance Capability as Its Core
1.Building a Sound Institutional Ecosystem:To Strike Iron,One Must Stay Strong
2.Initiating Reforms while Solidifying the Foundations:Restructuring of the Policy—making System
3.Practice of“Cutting” by the Government:Building an Economic System with the Market Playing a Decisive Role in Allocating Resources
4.Modernizing the Military Governance System:Reform above the Neck
5.Establishing Rules and Regulations for State Governance:Comprehensively Promoting Rule of Law
Chapter Four Towards“More Mature and Established Systems”:a“Chinese Approach”to Well—ordered Politics
1.Striving for“More Mature and Established Institutions”
2.Providing a“Chinese Approach”for Seeking Well—ordered Politics of Mankind
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Launching large—scale collective education campaigns is a tradi—tion of the CPC.Eighteen large—scale collective education campaignshave been carried out so far, which are in nature responses to thechanges of the organizational environment through systematic self—ad—justment.Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, three edu—cation campaigns have been carried out successively within the Party:the program of mass line education and practice launched in 2013,special education campaign themed "Three Strict and Three Steadies"among the officials above the county and division level in 2015, "TwoStudies, One Action" campaign launched among all the Party mem—bers in 2016.All of the three campaigns were centered on theimprovement of work style in the Party.The reason for launchingsuch campaigns were launched one after another was that the CPCCentral Committee became acutely aware of the importance and ardu—ousness of work style improvement.As General Secretary Xi Jinpingstressed.
Volume 3: Politics: Towards More Mature and Established Systems