Volume 1: Theory: New Theory About Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

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This book comprehensively interprets upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics and its significances from eight aspects, namely ''socialism with Chinese characteristics is essential to realize the Chinese dream''; ''socialism with Chinese characteristics is the fundamental achievement of CPC and the people''; ''firmly believe in the road, theory, system and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics''; ''set up a new concept of development''; ''integrally develop the overall layout of five-in-one''; ''harmoniously promote the strategic layout of four-comprehensive''; ''basic principles of promoting socialism with Chinese characteristics'', and ''China's road is to seek common development in opening up''.
Table of Contents
Introduction: Theoretical Guide to Continuing to Write New Chapters of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics 1
Chapter One We Must Take the Road of Socialism with Chinese Charac—teristics If We Want to Realfze the Chinese Dream 15
1.Chinese Dream and Socialism with Chinese Characteristics Are Consistent with Each Other in Essence 17
2.Socialism with Chinese Characteristics Is the Only Road to Create People's Good Life 26
3.Socialism with Chinese Characteristics Is the Only Road to Realize Socialist Modernization 30
4.Socialism with Chinese Characteristics Has Distinct Features and Advantages 41
Chapter Two Socialism with Chinese Characteristics Is the Fundamental Achievement Acquired by the Party and People in Long—term Practice 49
1.Socialism with Chinese Characteristics Is Historical Conclusion and People's Choice 51
2.Socialism with Chinese Characteristics Is Constituted with Trinity of Road, Theoretical System and Political System 56
3.Socialism with Chinese Characteristics Is Crystal of World Socialsim for 500 Years 59
Chapter Three Firming Self—confidence in the Road, the Theory, the System and the Culture with Chinese Characteristics 67
1.Firming Self—confidence in the Road and Unswervingly Going Along the Road of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics 70
2.Firming Self—confidence in Theory and Constantly Propelling the Theory of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics to Advance with the Times 79
3.Firming Self—confidence in the Road, Maintaining and Consummating the Socialist System with Chinese Characteristics 87
4.Having Self—confidence in Culture, Flourishing and Developing Socialist Culture with Chinese Characteristics 94
Chapter Four Setting Up a New Development Concept 103
1.The New Development Concept Is Proposed in Accordance with the Changes of the Situation in Both China and the World 106
2.The New Development Theory Is a Whole with Inner Link 110
3.New Concepts of Development Are the Important Principles That the Development of Our Economic Society Must Follow and Persist in 127
Chapter Five Integrating Development of Entire Distribution of "Five—in—One" 135
1."Five—in—One" Was Formed Gradually in the Reform and Opening—up Period 137
2."Five—in—One" Contains Very Rich Connotations 147
3.Promoting the Theoretical and Practical Significance of the Overall Layout of the "Five—in—One" 150
Chapter Six Harmoniously Promoting the Layout of "the Four—pronged Comprehensive Strategy" 155
1.The Strategic Layout Brought Up Starting from the Overall Situation of Sticking to and Developing Socialism with Chinese Characteristics 158
2.The Strategic Layout Formed and Developed Along with the Course of China's Reform and Opening—up 163
3."The Four—pronged Comprehensive Strategy" Is a Whole with Organic Connection and Interpenetration 169
4.The Party's General Plan of Governing the Country Is a New Innovation that Keeps Up with the Times 177
Chapter Seven The Basic Principles to Promote the Cause of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics 185
1.Persisting in People's Dominant Position 188
2.Insisting on Scientific Development 192
3.Adhering to Deepening the Reform 196
4.Adhering to the Rule of Law 199
5.Adhering to Integrating Domestic and International Politics 205
6.Adhering to the Leadership of the Party 211
Chapter Eight Chinese Path Is the Path Seeking Common Development in Opening—up 219
1.Going Along the Chinese Path for Peaceful Development Is the Strategic Choice Adapting to the Trend of Development of Times and the Fundamental Interests of Our Country 222
2.Peaceful Development and Common Development Are the Distinctive Features of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics 229
3.The Significance of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics to the World 237
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Xi Jinping stressed, "To publicize and interpret Chinese characteristics, it is required to clarify the historical and cultural traditions of each country.With different basic national conditions, their development must have their own characteristics; it is required to clearly show that Chinese culture accumulates the deepest spiritual pursuit of the Chinese nation and nurtures the long—lasting development and the strengthening of the Chinese nation; it is required to make clear that the Chinese outstanding traditional culture is the prominent advantage and the most solidly—grounded cultural soft power of our nation; it is required to make clear that the socialism with Chinese characteristics i.s rooted in the fertile soil of Chinese culture, reflects the Chinese people's wishes,is adapted to the development and progress requirements of China and the times, and has profound historical origins and an extensive realistic basis.The Chinese nation has created a long history of Chinese culture.Similarly, the Chinese nation will certainly create a new glory of Chinese culture.The unique cultural traditions, the unique historical destiny, and the unique basic national conditions have determined the development road which is in accordance with our own characteristics."
Volume 1: Theory: New Theory About Socialism with Chinese Characteristics