China's Health Statistics Yearbook 2012

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China Health Statistics Yearbook is a reflection of the health development situation and residents health status information Annual. "2012 China Health Statistics Yearbook (fine) compiled by the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China, a collection of national health development in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government and the statistics of the current level of residents' health, as well as the history of an important year in the national statistics. The book is "China Health Statistics Yearbook 2012, incorporate the contents of the end of 2011.
The book is divided into 15 parts, namely: health institutions, health, sanitation, health expenses, medical services, primary health services, maternal and child health, the level of people's health and nutritional status, disease control and public health, the residents sick, injury or cause of death health surveillance, medical security system, demographic indicators, attach the main socio-economic indicators, the world health situation. Set up a brief description and the main indicators explained, and a brief description of each chapter introduces the main contents of this chapter, data sources, statistical range of statistical methods and historical changes.
Table of Contents
Medical and health institutions
Health personnel
Health funding
Medical services
Primary health services
Maternal and Child Health
The level of people's health and nutritional status
Centers for Disease Control and Public Health
Residents Diseases of Death
Health Supervision
Medical security system
Demographic indicators
The main socio-economic indicators
The world health condition
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China's Health Statistics Yearbook 2012