Volume 8: Ecological Progress: Usher in a New Era of Socialist Ecological Progress

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This book comprehensively shows the thoughts and strategies of the CPC Central Committee, with Xi Jinping as its core, vigorously promoting the ecological civilization construction from the height of governance from six aspects, such as ''new thought of ecological civilization'', ''new idea of ecological construction'', ''new strategy of green development'', ''new layout of national land space'', and ''new world of environmental diplomacy''.
Table of Contents
Preface 1
1.The Formation of Xi Jinping's Thought on Ecological Progress 1
2.The Characteristics of Xi Jinping's Thought on Ecological Progress 9
Chapter One The New Thought of Ecological Progress 17
1.Mountains, Waters, Forests, Fields and Lakes are a Community of Life 19
2.Ecological Prosperity Leads to the Rise of Civilization While Ecological Decline Leads to the Fall of Civilization 26
3.Good Ecological Environment Is the Most Beneficial for People's Livelihood 32
4.Clear Waters and Lush Mountains Are Invaluable Assets 40
5.Ecological Progress Is an Important Element of the Chinese Dream 48
Chapter Two The New Plan of Advancing Ecological Progress 57
1.Implement the Green Development Plan of Population 59
2.Build a Resource—saving Society 64
3.Push the Revolution of Energy Production and Consumption 69
4.Build an Environment—friendly Society 74
5.Build an Ecological Security Shelter 79
6.Enhance the National Capacity of Disaster Prevention, Reduction and Relief 85
Chapter Three The New Strategy of Green Development 93
1.Adhere to Greening and Green Development 95
2.Coordinate and Promote "Four Modernizations" and Greening 102
3.Promote a Green Mode of Production and a Green Way of Life 112
4.Make Ecological Progress a Mainstream Social Value 118
5.Promote the Innovation of Green Technology and Green Theory 124
Chapter Four The New Layout of Territorial Space 135
1.It Is through Land Use that Ecological Progress Can Be Advanced 137
2.Implement Functional Zoning 141
3.Strengthen the Building of Ecocities 148
4.Advance Maritime Ecological Progress 157
5.Advance Regional Coordinated Green Development 165
Chapter Five The New Design for Ecological Governance 175
1.Promote the Modernization of Ecological Governance 177
2.Accelerate to Establish a System for Ecological Progress 181
3.Deepen the System Reform in the Ecological Field 195
4.Accelerate the Construction of Legal System for Ecological Progress 213
5.Implement the System for Ecological Evaluation and Assessment 219
Chapter Six The New World of Ecological Diplomacy 229
1.Build a Community of Shared Future for Mankind 231
2.Build a Community of Shared Future on Nuclear Security 237
3.Strengthen Global Climate Change Governance 245
4.Strengthen International Cooperation in the Green Field 253
5.The Chinese Force in Pfomoting Global Sustainable Development 259
Sample Pages Preview
The land was suitable for planting and raising animals.Due to the cultivation of virgin land and deforestation, the ecological environment of these places has been severely damaged.The spread of Taklimakan desert buried the silk road.The expansion of the desert in Hexi corridor destroyed the ancient city of Dunhuang.The desert of Horqin, Mu Su and Ulan Buh encroached on the rich and beautiful Mongolian steppes.The ancient city of Loulan was ruined because Peacock river changed its course due to large scale reclamation of wasteland and blind irrigation.The paddock in northern Hebei used be covered with abundant forests, but since Tongzhi's reign in Qing dynasty, due to the opening of paddock and reclamation of land, pine forests are almost gone, leaving hundreds and thousands of acres of barren hills.These cases are not rare in history.
Volume 8: Ecological Progress: Usher in a New Era of Socialist Ecological Progress