China Statistical Yearbook For Regional Economy 2005

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China Statistical Yearbook for Regional Economy 2005 is a massive statistical publication, which comprehensively describes China's regional economy and social development status. This yearbook has collected major social and economic indictors of China in 2004. There are indicators at national and provincial level (including 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities), indicators of 7 economic zones, and indicators of prefecture ( over 330 prefectures including city at prefecture level) and indicators of county ( over 2000 counties including city at county level).

It contains the following aspects : national conditions, population and employment, national accounts, investment in fixed assets, government finance, price indices, people's livelihood, agriculture, industry , construction, transportation, postal and telecommunications, domestic trade, foreign trade, tourism, banking and insurance, education, science, culture, public health, social welfare, environment protection and city planning. Statistical data in this yearbook exclude those of Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Taiwan Province.

Table of Contents
  • Statistics of Economic Zone
  • Statistics of Province
  • Statostcs pf Prefecture
  • Statistics of County
China Statistical Yearbook For Regional Economy 2005