My Little Chinese Story Books (34) Webcam (with 1 CD)

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Language: Chinese
Format: Papercover
Page: 34
Publication Date: 05/2010
ISBN: 9787301170090
My Little Chinese Story Books Series is comprised of 40 books. Series 1 contains volume 1 - volume 20; series 2 contains volume 21 - volume 40. Each book contains an interesting story about school life or related to the topic learning at school. The books are written in simple languages and have colorful pictures, which help readers understand the story. Some exercises are provided?at the end of each book to?reinforce the learning. The series is suitable for young readers under the age of 15. An audio CD in Mandarin Chinese is included in each book. The book is written in both simplified Chinese characters and pinyin.
My Little Chinese Story Books (34) Webcam (with 1 CD)