Vivir el Chino: Vivir en China (40-50 Hours) (With MP3)

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Author: Zhu Xiaoxing;
Language: Chinese-Spanish
Format: Papercover
Page: 172
Publication Date: 05/2006
ISBN: 9787040190557
Publisher: Higher Education Publishing House
Written for Chinese-language learners at the beginning level, the material provided is suited for short-term classes or one-on-one tutorials. It incorporates the concept of learning-through-experience and functional language learning and is aimed at daily communication, focus on listening and speaking skills. The book consists of one Pronunciation (2-4 hours) and twelve units (3-4 hours/unit), totaling 40-50 teaching hours.
Vivir el Chino: Vivir en China (40-50 Hours) (With MP3)