Volume 7: Science, Technology and Education Building China into a Leading Power in Science,Technology and Education

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Table of Contents
Introduction: A New Journey of Scientific and Technological Innovation and Education Reform
1.From "giving priority to the development of science and education" to "implementing the strategy of innovation driven development"
2.Innovation—drien development is in essence talents—driven development
3.Scientific and technological innovation calls for education innovation

Chapter One Spur Scientific and Technological Imovation with Reform
1.Scientific and technological innovation should facilitate cconomic and social growth
2.Establishing a dynamic management and operation mechanism for science and technology
3.Working hard to fosrer a contingent of high—calibcr innovative professionals
Chapter Two Follow a Scientific and Technological Innovation Path Featuring Chinese Characteristics
1.The new strategic definition of scientific and technological innovation
2.Unswervingly following an independent innovation path featuring Chinese characteristics
3.Striving to capture the scientific and technological high ground
4.Scientific and technological innovation leads economic and social development
Chapter Three Strive to Run Modern Education to the Satisfaction of the People
1.Comprehensively deepening education reform
2.Promoting social equity with education equity
3.Coordinately advancing the construction of "double world class"
4.Cultivating a great number of good teachers with "four virtues"
5.Taking into consideration of both the internal and external situations, promoting the opening—up of China's education
Chapter Four Foster and Practice the Core Socialist Values through Building Virtues and Morality
1.Cultivating successors to the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics
2.Laying a solid intellectual basis for young people with the Chinese Dream
3.Guiding the development of young people with the core socialist values
4.Cultivating people in an all—around way
Chapter Five Promote the Development of Philosophy and Social Sciences
1.The irreplaceable role of philosophy and social sciences
2.The guiding role of Marxism in building the intellectual and the oretical platform
3.Moving faster to develop a system of philosophy and social sciences with Chinese characteristics
4.Innovation as the eternal theme of philosophy and social sciences development
5.Qualified personnel and academic discipline development
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The feature, style of philosophy and social sciences are the out—comes of its development reaching a certain stage.They show maturi—ty, symbolize strength, and embody self—confidcnce.China is a greatpower in philosophy and social sciences with the research team, num—ber of articles and government investment ranking at the forcfront inthe world.However, the current ability and level in academic propo—sitions, academic thinking, academic viewpoints, academic stand—ards, and academic discourse are not quite commensurate with theoverall national strength and international status of our country.XiJinping required that the country's study of philosophy and social sci—ences should focus on China and the contemporary era while usingforeign studies and history as a reference and keeping concern formankind and the future in mind.Chinese characteristics should be in—corporated into the guiding ideology, disciplines, discourse and scho—lastic systems of these fields.
Volume 7: Science, Technology and Education Building China into a Leading Power in Science,Technology and Education