China's National Development Strategies

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Author: Li Zhongjie;
Language: English
Page: 627
Publication Date: 03/2019
ISBN: 9787119114156
China's development and progress has been realized through a series of national strategies. To understand China,one must first understand its strategies.

From an overall perspective, this book iiitroduces,interprets and studies almost all the country's national strategies for development since the launch of reform and opening up in 1978, including the new strategies as China enters a new era of socialism today. With detailed introduction and strategic analyses, it also tells how the strategies are implemented through what kind of political guarantee. All this explains why China has been able to progress since reform and opening up.

The first of its kind to offer an overall introduction to China's national strategies for development, this book will help readers understand the topic more thoroughly with rich data and interesting stories.

About Author
Prof. Li Zhongjie is former deputy director of the Party History Research Office of the CPC Central Committee.member of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, member of the advisory committee of the Marxist Studies and Development Project, and doctoral supervisor in international strategies.

His main publications and contribution include: Surveys on China's Population Casualties and Property I,osses During the War of Resistance Against Ag'gression, a decade-long research project that involved some 600,000 people; a nation-wide survey of relics and sites related to China'sreivolutions; Chronicle of the People's Republic of China, History of the Communist Party of China, and Dictionary of the Members of the CPC Central Committee,Dedicated to strategic and forward-looking studies, Prof. Li has produced many weight works in the basic theories of the CPC and the Chinese government, international politics, Party history and Party building, socioeconomic strategies, and leadership arts.
Table of Contents

Table of contents: China's National Development Strategies (ISBN:9787119114156)

Table of contents: China's National Development Strategies (ISBN:9787119114156)
China's National Development Strategies