Volume 9: The Party Governace: The New Stage of the Comprehensive and Strict Governance of the Party

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Table of Contents
IntroductionOn "the Comprehensive and Strict Governance of the Party" from the Historical and Realistic Perspectives
1.The Inheritance of History and the Demand of Times
2.The Party's Working Style as the Life-Death Issue
3.Strict Adherence to the Disciplines and Rules
4.To "Grasp the Few Key Figures" and Set Role Models
5.To Combine the Construction of the Party by Ideology with the Governance of the Party by Institutionalization and Make them Positively Interactive

Chapter One The Party Leadership as the Essential Character of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics
1.The Insistence on the Party Leadership as the Reliance and Life of the Party and State
2.The Insistence on the Unitary Leadership of the Party Central Committee as the Key to Strengthening the Leadership of the Party
3.The Constant Insistence on the Core Leadership o{ the Party Governing the State and Coordinating Various Social Sectors

Chapter Two The Constant Discipline and Governance of the Party
1.Disciplining and Strictly Governing the Party by the Party Itself as the Consistent Requirement and Basic Principle of the Party Construction
2.The Comprehensiveness as the Basis, Strictness as the Key and Governance as the Focus of the Comprehensive and Strict Governance of the Party
3.The Implementation of the Main Responsibilities for Disciplining and Governing the Party Required for the Comprehensive and Strict Governance of the Party

Chapter Three The Close Combination Between Governing the Party by Ideology and Governing the Party by Institutionalization
1.Ideals and Beliefs as the Spiritual "Calcium" of the Communist Party Members
2.Insistence on Arming the Mind with Scientific Theories
3.Tightening the Institutionalization and Disciplining and Governing the Party by Rules
4.Disciplining Power and Governing the Officials by Institutionalization

Chapter Four The Constant Improvement of the Party's Working Style Construction
1.The Party's Working Style as the Life-Death Issue of the Party
2.The Insistence on the Blood-Flesh Relationship Between the Party and the People as the Core of the Party's Working Style Construction
3.The Working Style Issue as the Essence of the Party Character
4.The Party Leaders as the Role Models, and the Long-Term Mechanism of Strengthening and Improving the Party's Working Style

Chapter Five Insistence on the Zero-Tolerance Policy in Combating Corruption
1."Corruption as the Most Serious Hazard to the Party"
2."Absolute Resolution to Win the Anti-Corruption Campaign"
3.The Innovation in Promoting the Mechanism of the Anti-Corruption Institution

Chapter Six The Iron Discipline to Maintain the Solidarity of the Party
1.The Importance of Strengthening the Discipline Construction
2.Tightening the Party Discipline and Prioritizing the Discipline
3.Making the Discipline as the Inviolable Charged High-Voltage Power Line
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In the new age of reform and opening—up, the Party construction faces more difficult tasks and more complex challenges.In 1987, the report of the 13th NCCPC explicitly proposed the principle of "strictly governing the Party." The report pointed out that "for those who cannot survive the trials, we firstly shall educate them with full passion and compassion.However, the experience shows that the problems shall not be solved only by education, we must strictly govern the Party and enforce the Party's disciplines.For those corrupt officials who demoralize the career of the Party and the masses, we shall firmly implement the principle of deterrruned elimination and dispose them as many as they get exposed and have no tolerance to let them grow." While the report emphasized that "to strictly govern the Party, in addition to expelling those minor corrupt officials out of the Party, attention must be cast on the education to the most Party members to improve their consciousness." When the goal of establishing the market economic system was determined, the CPC started the Party's construction of grand project and deepens the understanding of strictly governing the Party.
Volume 9: The Party Governace: The New Stage of the Comprehensive and Strict Governance of the Party