Volume 6: History and Culture: The Historical Root and Cultural Deposit of Natinal Rejuvenation

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This book comprehensively studies and comprehends the thoughts and strategies put forward by President Xi Jinping, such as ''promote the whole party to learn and master historical materialism'', ''historical research is the foundation of all social sciences'', ''establish a correct view of history and culture'', ''evaluate historical figures scientifically'', ''adhere to governing for the people'', ''continue to learn from other civilizations'', ''vigorously promote the fine traditional Chinese culture'', ''correctly handle the relationship between literary art and history'', ''locate the great dream of national rejuvenation in historical coordinates'', and ''correctly view the continuity of history before and after the Reform and Opening-up'' from four perspectives, namely ''respect rules: adhere to the basic principles of historical materialism'', 'rooted in tradition: strengthen the cultural confidence of the Chinese nation', 'based on the national conditions: activate the cultural genes of China's road', and 'draw lessons from history: learn from the rise and fall of dynasties'.
Table of Contents
Introduction: Fix the Historical Location of the New Journey of the National
Chapter One Respect the Laws: Adhere to the Basic Principles of His—
torical Materialism
1.Use the Basic Principles of Historical Materialism to Accurately
Mcet the Demands of the Era
2.Apply Expertly Historical Matcrialist Conception to the Gover—
ning Practice
3.Evaluate Scientifically the Historic Figures and Their Thoughts
in the Context
Chapter Two Root in Tradition: Firm Faith in the Culture of the Chinese
1.Cultural Confidence is the Cornerstone of Confidence and the
Strategic Goal of the CPC's Governance
2.Cultural Confidence is the Source of Strength to Realize the Chi
nese Dream of National Rejuvenation
3.Cultural Confidence is the Central Embodiment of the Fine Tra—
ditional Chinese Culture at Present
Chapter Three Start with the National Conditions; Revive the Cultural
Gene of the Chinese Road
1.Where Are We Going: The Continuity and Perseverance of the
Road Choice
2.The Socialism with Chinese Characteristics Inherits the Gene of
the Fine Traditional Chinese Culture
3.The Progress of the Civilization for More Than 5, 000 Years
Paints the Basic Historical Color of the Chinese Dream
Chapter Four History as a Mirror: Draw Experience and Lesson from the
Rise and Fall of the Past Dynasties
1.Govern for the People: Adhere to the Political Ethic that "Peo—
ple are the Foundation of the State"
2.Combat Corruption and Build Honest Administration: Draw
Historical Lesson from the Fallen Dynasties of Corruption
3.The Officials of both Political Integrity and Professional Compe—
tence: The Historical Experience of Selecting and Appointing
the Officials
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From the mistakes and 1essons of the revolutionary struggle,Comrade Mao Zedong came to realize keenly that being confronted with China's unique national conditions, facing the three mountains overtopping the Chinese people, the Chinese revolution shall be along process so we should not treat Marxism and Leninism with dogmatism.Comrade Mao Zedong creatively solved a series of serious problems by relating the basic principles with China's real—ity, profoundly analyzing China's social pattern and class situation,understanding the nature, target, task and driving force of the Chinese revolution through unremitting exploration.We must start with China's reality and Sinicize Marxism, proposing the two—stepstrategy from the New Democratic Revolution to the socialist revo—lution, constituting the general line for the New—Democratic Revolu—tion, initiating the revolutionary road of surrounding the cities from the countryside to achieve the national success at last.
Volume 6: History and Culture: The Historical Root and Cultural Deposit of Natinal Rejuvenation