China (2019 English Edition)

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The Chinese people have created a splendid civilization during a long process of historical evolution, from Da Yu's control of the floods to the “four great inventions“, and from the legend of Chang'e flying to the moon to the successful flight of China's first manned spacecraft. While the ancient civilizations of Babylon, Egypt and India fell to invasion or other disasters, Chinese civilization never paused and has developed and continued to this day. Today, China has become the world's second largest economy with a GDP of RMB80 trillion. When we look back into history, however, we saw a corrupt and weak Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) signing the Treaty of Nanking after losing the First Opium War (1839-1842) to Britain, once a “small barbarian state“ in the eyes of the Qing ruler, which had become the world's biggest power at the time with its industrialization drive. The Treaty of Nanking, which ended the First Opium War after two years, was the first unequal treaty signed between China and Western powers in modern history. It was only the beginning of a series of unequal treaties resulting in the occupation of some 1.8 million sq km of Chinese land by foreign powers, which cut up the vast territories of China for their own use. With the birth of the CPC in July 1921, China embarked on a new path of development.
Table of Contents
Where Are We From?
Recordings of a Civilization on Shells and Bones
Along the Ancient Silk Road
The Last Feudal Dynasty

Geography and Resources
From the Roof of the World to Diaoyu Islands

Places and Citics
Administrative Divisions
These Places
Urbanization of People
The Chinese People
56 Ethnic Groups Are One Family
Different Religions and Beliefs Coexist
Chinese Festivals


Democracy and Rule of Law
CPC Leadership
Political Systems
State Structure
Chinese People's Political Consultative
Rule of Law
Non-Communist Parties
Public Organizations

New Era, New Development
Economic Structural Reform
Supply-Side Structural Reform
Innovation-Driven Development
New Pattern of All-Round Opening Up
Coordinated Development of All Regions
Agricultural Modernization and Rural Vitalization
New-Type Industrialization
Space Dream Come True
New Developments of the Digital Economy
Finance and Insurance
The World's Largest Tourism Market
Culture and Arts
The Bronze Age
Chinese Characters
Evolution of Literature
China in Ink and Wash
Theater and Film
Folk Arts
Mass Media


People's Wellbeing
From Rationed Coupons to Mobile Payment
Final Fight Against Poverty
Social Security
Medical Care and Health
Education System and Planning
Science and Technology
Sports and Fitness

Ecological Environment
"Clear Waters and Green Mountains Are Invaluable Assets"
Laws and Systems for Environmental Protection
Environmental Protection Inspection
Coping with Climate Change
Pollution Prevention and Control
Resources Conservation
International Cooperation

An Open China Embraces the World
What We Believe: Cooperation and Win-Win Outcomes
What We Do: Safeguarding World Peace
What We Propose: A Community of Share Future for Humanity
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of China (2019 English Edition) (ISBN:9787119121048)
Sample pages of China (2019 English Edition) (ISBN:9787119121048)
Sample pages of China (2019 English Edition) (ISBN:9787119121048)
Sample pages of China (2019 English Edition) (ISBN:9787119121048)
China (2019 English Edition)