Challenges for China How the CPC Makes Progress

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  • Author: Xie Chuntao;
  • Language: English
  • Format: 23.8 x 17 x 2 cm
  • Page: 276
  • Publication Date: 10/2014
  • ISBN: 9787510446092
  • Publisher: New World Press
Table of Contents
Challenges in Realizing the Chinese Dream 
Chapter 1 
Sustaining the Development of a Healthy Economy 
China's Economic 'Crises' 
Reform Still Delivers Its Dividend 
Innovation Is the Only Way to Survive 
Advancing Toward Urban—Rural Integration 
The Pursuit of Quality Over Quantity in an Open Economy 
Chapter 2 
Developing Democracy 
Self— EvidentChallenges 
Intra—Party Democracy 
Improving People's Democracy 
Developing Consultative Democracy 
Support Community—Ievel Self—governance 
Chapter 3 
Improving the Cultural Soft Power of China 
Soft Power Needs to Grow 
Enhancing People's Morality 
Restarting Cultural System Refo 
Eliminating Gaps in the Supply of Cultural Services 
Reversing the 'Adverse Balance' of Cultural Soft Power 
Chapter 4 
Maintaining Social Harmony and Stability 
Complex and Severe Situatio 
Long—Cherished Social Pursuits 
Improving Social Insurance 
Strengthening and Innovating Social Management 
Chapter 5 
Promoting Ecological Progress 
The Long Overdue Awakening of Green Awareness 
Cherishing Every Inch of China's Territory 
Saving Resources with the Courage of Revolution 
Strengthening Environmental Protection 
Relying More on Laws and Regulations 
Chapter 6 
Promoting China's Peaceful Reunification 
The Great Cause of Reunification Entails Heavy Responsibilities The One—China Principle 
Promoting Economic Cooperation and ConsolidatingCommon Intere sts 
Carrying Out Cultural Communication and Enhancing Spiritual Ties 
Achieving Peaceful Reunification and Never Renouncing the Use of Force 
Chapter 7 
Building a Peaceful and Stable Environment for China 
Trees Want to Stand in Peace but the Wind Will Not Cease 
Injecting 'Positive Energy' for a New Style of Relationship Between Great Powers 
Being a Good Neighbor and Partner 
Being a Reliable Friend and Sincere Partner of Developing Countries Promoting Public Diplomacy 
Chapter 8 
Penalizing and Preventing Corruption 
Still in the Heat of Battle 
'Zero Tolerance' to Corruption 
Prevention First 
'Building the Rule of Law Will Be More Reliable 
A Case in Point: Maotai Price Drop
Sample Pages Preview
In March 2003, a reporter asked about the village committee election in Wukan Village at a press conference of the First Session of the 12th National People's Congress.The reporter said that the election in Wukan Village was regarded as a model for the development of commuruty-leveldemocracy in rural China, but it encountered difficulties in failing to solve the problems leftover from the past.Did these difficulties indicate the failure of China's democratic self-governance measures? What else difficulties were there in the present process of promoting community-level democracy in rural China? How should democratic self-governance be promoted? 
In response to these questions, Jiang Li, the then vice minister of civil affairs, answeted that the democratic election in Wukan was closely related to economic interests.As the solution of a problem involved a process of consultation, repeatedly soliciting opinions, and achieving consensus among the villagers, it needed the reliance on the wisdom of the collect/ve village committee and the participation and support of the villagers.The democratic election of Wukan Village was not uruque.It was already the most extensive form of practice with which the farmers in rural China pafticipated in developing socialist democracy with Chinese characteristics.
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Challenges for China How the CPC Makes Progress