Exploring the Miracle the Truths Behind China's Modernization

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Table of Contents
PARTⅠWhat Is the Chinese Miracle?
1900:Sick Man of East Asia
1949:The End to Five Decades of Disruption
2013:A Moderately Prosperous Society
PARTⅡHow Has the Chinese Miracle Materialized?
Foundations (1949—1978)
Lift—off (1979—2012)
National Renewal (2013— )
PARTⅢWhat Are the Secrets of the Chinese Miracle?
Blazing a New Trail
Motivating the People
Taking a Progressive Approach
Coordinating the "Two Hands"
Balancing Reform,Development,and Stability
Learning from the Success of Others
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Chinese literary giant Lu Xun once wrote: "Actually warlords do not themselves fight.It is their soldiers who fight.After years of fighting, bosses always have it good.They may drink wine like friends when they clear up misunderstandings,swearing to join hands to defend the country, or — as you can see for yourself — continue to fight for no good reason."
When the Chinese people were busy fighting each other,foreign invaders prepared to prey upon them.On the night of September 18,1931, Japan's Kwantung Army, which had long been stationed in northeast China, blew up a section of the South Manchurian Railway not far away from north of Shenyang, claiming that the Chinese army was responsible for the explosion.Taking this as an excuse, the Kwantung Army attacked a camp of China's Northeast Army and occupied Shenyang a day later.Over the following four months, Japan sent more troops to seize the whole northeastern part of China,covering an area of 1 million square km, which is three times the whole territory of Japan.In 1932, a puppet state, Manchukuo,was established under the control ofjapan.
Turning a deaf ear to the nationwide call for resistance against Japan, Chiang Kai—shek insisted on implementing his policy of stabilizing the domestic situation before resisting foreign invasion and focusing more on eliminating the armed forces of the CPC.In December 1936, he headed to Xi'an to urge the Northeast Army for its inefficiency in encircling and suppressing the CPC's Red Army in northwest China's Shaanxi and Gansu provinces.
Exploring the Miracle the Truths Behind China's Modernization