Shanghai Jewish Cultural Map

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Table of Contents


A Bridge to the Outside World
He Chengwei

General Preface

The Dynamic Blending of Chinese and Western Culture in Modern
Xiong Yuezhi
Jackie Eldan

When the Jewish People Opened the Door of the Oriental Metropolis
1. Mark: A Nation's Survival Tracks in Foreign Land
2. Identification: One Foot Indoors and the Other Outdoors

Oriental Journey of the Jewish People
1. Arriving in Shanghai
2. Swarming in of European Refugees
3. Getting a Helping Hand in Danger
4. Benevolence of Dr. Feng Shah Ho
5. Plan of Sun Ke
6. Living Space
7. Hongkew Ghetto
8. Immigrant Organizations
9. Zionism in Shanghai
10. Political Strongmen in the Settlement
11. Warriors and Revolutionaries
12. Farewell, Shanghai

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Shanghai Jewish Cultural Map