Shanghai American Cultural Map

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Table of Contents
A Bridge to the Outside World
He Chengwei
General Preface
The Dynamic Blending of Chinese and Western Culture in Modern
Xiong Yuezhi
I The Trans-Pacific Legend of Shanghai and America
1.The First Coming of Americans to Shanghai
2.The Issue of Temporary or Permanent Residence
3.Shanghai International Settlement: The Powerful British- American Coalition
5.Out-and-out Americans: The Formation of an American Community in Shanghai
6.World War II : Years of Misery and Suffering
7.A V-Shaped Rebound: From the Great Aberration to Shanghai World Expo Participation
II People and Events of America and Shanghai
1.William Jones Boone: Founder of Shanghai's American Settlement
2.Frederick Townsend Ward: The Crazy Life of an Adventurer
3.Young John Allen: Advocating Enlightenment Through Knowledge
4.Laura Haygood and the Wesleyan College of China'
5.Francis Lister Hawks Pott and Harvard University of the Orient
6.U.S.Political Dignitaries' Visits to Shanghai
7.American Culture Celebrities' Visits to Shanghai
8.John Benjamin Powell, Edgar Snow and Millard's Review of the Far East
9.The Incident of Rickshaw Puller Zang Dayaozi
III American Way of Life in Metropolitan Shanghai
1.A New Era of Commerce: Russell & Co.
2.Social Paradise of American Gentlemen: Shanghai American Club
3.Public Space of American Madams: American Women's Club
4.Total American Education in All Probability: Shanghai American School
5.An American University's Centenary Development: University of Shanghai
6.A Community Church for Americans: Shanghai Community Church
7.American Volunteers Armed to the Teeth: Shanghai Volunteer Corps' American Company
8.Hollywood Films and Shanghai: A Century of Bond
IV Old Ties in New Land: Shanghai's American Landmarks
1.Shanghai Community Church Architecture
2.Foreign Y.M.C.A.Building
3.American Navy Y.M.C.A.Building
4.The International Institute of China and Shangxian Lane
5.Columbia Country Club
6.Yaojia Garden and Fallingwater
7.Architectures of University of Shanghai
8.Architectures of St.John's University
V Bonds Beyond Distance: A Continuation of Cultural Exchanges and Influences
1.Richard Nixon's Visit to Shanghai and the Shanghai
2.American Television Series and Shanghai
3.American Fast Food and Shanghai
4.NBA, Yao Ming and Shanghai
5.Disneyland Park and Shanghai
6.America and Shanghai World Expo
VI Appendix
Chronicle of Etvents
Tourist Landmark Directory
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Shanghai American Cultural Map