How does the CPC Make Decisions?

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Language: English
Page: 219
Publication Date: 07/2019
ISBN: 9787508541921
The CPC has led the Chinese people to turn an initially economically-weak PRC into the second largest economy in the world. All this is widely held to be the clear result of the CPC's effective policy making. This book explains how the CPC has developed effective decision-making, and is designed to enable the international community to see how all the decisions made by the CPC in a democratic and reasonable way are genuinely scientific and effective.

About Author
Shen Chuanliang is a professor and doctoral supervisor currently working in the Party History Department of the Party School of the CPC. He is mainly engaged in the study of the CPC’s history, and the theory and practice of its decision-making. He has published seven monographs, such as China’s Decision-making: The Historical Evolution of the Decision-making System of the CPC since the Reform and Opening-Up. He has presided over or participated in more than 10 key and major projects of the National Social Science Fund, and published more than 100 papers.
Table of Contents
Foreword n
Chapter I People-oriented Approach n
Chapter II Democratic Consultations n
Chapter III Interaction Between Top and Bottom n
Chapter IV Step by Step n
Chapter V Respecting Science n
Chapter VI Compliance with Laws and Regulations n
Chapter VII Achieving Better Implementation n
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How does the CPC Make Decisions?