Ten Level Chinese (Level 4): Integrated Textbook

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Author: Yuan Bin; Wu Zhongwei;
Language: English
Format: 260 x 185 x 12 mm, Paperback
Page: 281
Publication Date: 05/2009
ISBN: 9787561923689
Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press
Series: Ten Level Chinese
Usage Advice: 5 class hour/lesson, altogether 14 lessons

Level: 成人(学汉语)

This textbook, 14 lessons in all, is applied to students who have learned 1500 words or phrases, and basic Chinese grammar.

Most of grammar knowledge in this book is based on the summarization, strengthening and supplement of that in the previous three books. The addition of Study on the Words and Expressions reflects the teaching focus has been gradually shifted from grammar to vocabulary. Revolving around the universality of world culture, the topic in each text keeps abreast of the times and focuses on hot issue. There are warm-up exercises at the beginning of each lesson, which aim to arouse students’ interest, activate them to use language they have learned, and let them have an initial exposure to the relevant new words and expressions.

About the Author
Yuan Bin and Wu Zhongwei are both the teachers of the International Culture Exchange School of Fudan University.
Ten Level Chinese (Level 4): Integrated Textbook