China Panorama - Intermediate Chinese (3 Books + 13 VCDs)

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  • Language: Chinese & English
  • Format: 3 Books + 13 VCDs
  • Page: 136(Book 1);175(Book 2); (Book 3)
  • Publication Date: 01/2005
  • ISBN: 7801264983(Book1);7801264991(Book2);7801265009(Book3)
  • Publisher: Language and Culture Press
  • Series: China Panorama
As the follow-up of Approaching Chinese, this program is meant for students who have learned around 1,000 basic words and primary grammar of Chinese. It is composed of 100 episodes, each about 25 minutes long.

They are grouped into 10 units, with each followed by a review section. The language materials are based on scenes of foreigners living, working or travelling in China and adapted into situational conversations to present real, up-to-date Chinese as well as the culture it embodies. While confined to the relevant linguistic passages, explanations and annotations on the text conclude and develop what has been taught in Approaching Chinese. They concentrate on pattern drilling methodology, and aim at enabling students to understand and command the more complicated sentences and grammar without much referring to linguistic terms.

Both Chinese and English are used to interpret and illustrate, though when using Chinese, the wording and syntax are mostly what the student has learned before. Thus the explanations also become practice in Chinese listening for the student. The many exercises to follow the text are arranged for easy comprehension recital.
China Panorama - Intermediate Chinese (3 Books + 13 VCDs)