China Panorama Phonetic Introduction (1 Book + 1 DVD)

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This package contains one book, one DVD and one MP3 disk

Practicability is what features this Chinese phonetics introduction program.

With overseas learners of Chinese as the targeted users,a systematic teaching of pinyin is given respecting initials,finals,tones as well as its spelling;

A complete English explanation is applied to depict how and where the initials and finals of pinyin are enunciated physically. Moreover,such sounds are not only demonstrated by voice but also cartoon pictures;

Cartoons are again employed to display syllable and word combination procedures and facilitate similar sound comparisons and contracts ,reinforced by the demonstration reading .Appropriate intervals are left for the learner to repeat and follow up;

Dialogs are en facto pragmatic situational scenes which encompass focuses of learning in each episode.Balaness of syllables and words detailing could be thereby rendered into useful conversations for students.

Table of Contents
Episode 1 Hello!
Episode 2 My surname is not fang
Episode 3 My chinese still needs improvement
Episode 4 She is my sister
Episode 5 My pronunciation is very bad
Episode 6 I want black tea with a piece of lemon
Episode 7 You order the Dishes, please!
Episode 8 I like to listen to classical music
Episode 9 Can you play bowling?
Episode 10 Happy birthday to you !
Episode 11 Excuse me ,Where is the post office?
Episode 12 When does the store open?
Episode 13 Where can i book an Airplane ticket?
Episode 14 Is it going to rain today?
Episode 15 You look the most beautiful the
Chinese phonetics table
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China Panorama Phonetic Introduction (1 Book + 1 DVD)