China Panorama - Approaching Chinese (3 Books + 10 VCDs)

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Panorama - Approaching Chinese (10 VCDs and 3 Books)
The most widely used books in the world! Written and Developed by Chinese Language Experts!
1) The teaching program aims at the zero level learners of Chinese whose native or medium language is English. Primary Chinese knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and pragmatic usage are taught, and basic auditory-oral skills are imparted through situational dialogues.
2) The first two of the three episodes of each lesson introduce the situational dialogues, giving lessons on grammatical, pragmatic and cultural items. Students, consequently, are able to command contemporary Chinese and elementary Chinese culture in a spontaneous and practical way.
3) All explanations and annotations on vocabulary, grammar, pragmatic difficulties or Chinese characters are made in concise English. Wherever possible, abundant examples expounding on the structures are provided.
The third and final episode of each lesson gives reviews and exercises related to the previous two episodes.
4) Besides a large number of exercises, the program also features a section called A Glimpse of Modern Chinese Culture. This section provides photos of such things as shop logos, direction boards, traffic signs etc. that are designed to help the student recognize common Chinese characters, supplemented by English explanations on cultural differences.
5) Through the whole program, the student will learn about 1,000 basic words, more than 200 sentence patterns and over 3,000 commonly used sentences-enough for him or her to communicate in daily life.
6) Moreover, the program's benefits are not restricted to college or high school students. Anyone from company to those merely interested in Chinese could benefit from teaching materials that are not confined to campus activities but are adapted extensively from common social situations.

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China Panorama - Approaching Chinese (3 Books + 10 VCDs)