Henan Statistical Yearbook 2013

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"Henan Statistical Yearbook 2013" is a fully reflect the economic and social development in Henan Province, the annual data. This book contains the province and the municipalities (counties) in 2012 as well as historically important years of economic and social aspects of a large number of statistical data, and a collection of national and provincial areas in 2012 the main statistical data.
"Henan Statistical Yearbook 2013" The book is divided into 30 parts, namely, a, administrative boundaries and natural resources; 2, comprehensive; 3, national accounts; 4, population; 5, Employment and Wages; 6, fixed assets investment; 7, foreign trade and tourism; 8, energy; 9, finance; 10, price; 11, people's lives; 12, city profiles; 13, agriculture; 14, industrial; 15, the construction industry; 16, transportation, warehousing , postal services; 17, information transmission, computer services and software industry; 18, wholesale and retail trade, accommodation and catering; 19, the financial sector; 20, the real estate industry; 21, leasing and business services; 22, scientific research, technical services and geological prospecting; 23, water conservancy, environment and public facilities management; 24, resident services and other services; 25 education; 26, health, social security and social welfare; 27, culture, sports and recreation industry; 28, public administration and social organizations; 29 counties (city) key statistical indicators; 30, the national and provincial areas of key statistical indicators. A brief description of each chapter before, Pianmo with "Main Statistical Indicators."
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Henan Statistical Yearbook 2013