Henan Statistical Yearbook 2017

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Henan Statistical Yearbook 2017 is an annual statistical publication that comprehensively reflects the economic and social development of Henan Province. This book contains a large amount of statistical data on various aspects of economy and society of the whole province, cities (counties) in 2016 and important historical years. It also contains major statistical data for 2016 in China and other provinces and municipalities.
"Henan Statistical Yearbook 2017" The book is divided into 30 parts, namely, 1, administrative divisions and natural resources; 2, comprehensive; 3, national economic accounting; 4, the population; 5, employees and staff wages; 6, fixed assets Investment, 7, Foreign Trade and Tourism, 8, Energy, 9, Finance, 10, Price, 11, People's Livelihood, 12, Urban Overview, 13, Agriculture, 14, Industry, 15, Construction, 16, Transportation, Storage , Postal services; 17, information transmission, software and information technology services; 18, wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering industry; 19, financial industry; 20, real estate industry; 21, leasing and business services; 22, scientific research And technical services 23 Water, environmental and public facilities management 24 Residential services, repair and other services 25 Education 26 Health and social work 27 Culture, sports and entertainment 28 Public Management, social security and social organizations; 29, the main statistical indicators of counties (cities); 30, the main national and provincial statistical indicators. Each chapter has a brief description, the end of the attached with "the interpretation of major statistical indicators."
The source of this yearbook, most of which come from the annual statistical reports, in part from the sample survey.
The units of measurement used in the data are units of international standard.
The year part of the total number of data or relative number of units due to different choice of calculation error have not made mechanical adjustments.
The tables in this year's book, the comments on the whole table are in the top of the table, some of the indicators in the table notes below the table. Where the information with the renewal form, the annotations to some of the indicators are all under the last one.
Henan Statistical Yearbook 2017