Henan Statistical Yearbook 2018

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Henan Statistical Yearbook 2018 is an annual statistical publication that comprehensively reflects the economic and social development of Henan Province. The book contains a large number of statistical data on the economy and society of the province and cities (counties) in 2017 and important historical years, and contains the main statistics of the country and the provinces and cities in 2017.
The content of "Henan Statistical Yearbook 2018" is divided into 30 parts, namely, 1, administrative divisions and natural resources; 2, comprehensive; 3, national economic accounting; 4, population; 5, employees and staff wages; 6, fixed assets Investment; 7, foreign trade and tourism; 8, energy; 9, finance; 10, price; 11, people's life; 12, urban profile; 13, agriculture; 14, industry; 15, construction industry; 16, transportation, warehousing , postal industry; 17, information transmission, software and information technology services; 18, wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering; 19, financial industry; 20, real estate; 21, leasing and business services; And technical services; 23, water, environmental and public facilities management; 24, residential services, repairs and other services; 25, education; 26, health and social work; 27, culture, sports and entertainment; Management, social security and social organization; 29, the main statistical indicators of counties (cities); 30, the main statistical indicators of the country and the provinces and municipalities. There are brief explanations in front of each article, and the explanation of major statistical indicators is attached at the end of the article.
Most of the sources of this yearbook come from annual statistical reports and some from sample surveys.
The units of measurement used in the data are all based on internationally harmonized standard units of measure.
The calculation error of the total data of the yearbook or the relative number due to different unit trades has not been mechanically adjusted.
In the tables of this yearbook, the notes on the full table are above the table, and the notes on some of the indicators in the table are below the table. For the information with the continuation table, the comments on some indicators will be below the last continuation table.
Henan Statistical Yearbook 2018