Chinese Classical Poems with English Translations & Comments

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A Jujiu Cooing
Lush,Lush Millet Seedlings
The Canary
Lamentations Over Estrangement
The Last Song of Gaixia
Ode to the Rising Gale
A Short Song
Steppe of Us Tiele Tribes
Farewell to Mr Du Off to Sichuan
Beyond the Jade Pass
On the Frontier
Yellow Crane Tower
Leaving White Dragon City at Dawn
Painted Zither
To the Tune Yu The Famous Beauty
Table of Contents
第一章 先秦、汉、魏、晋、南北朝诗歌
 关雎 AJujiu Cooing
 汉广 So Broad is the Hanjiang
 蒹葭 Reeds Green
 黍离 Lush,Lush Millet Seedlings
 黄鸟 The Canary
 湘夫人 To the Goddess of the Xiang River
 山鬼 Fairyof Mount Wu
 离骚 Lamentations Over Estrangement(Excerpts)
 垓下歌 The Last Song at GaiMa
 大风歌 Ode to the rasing Gale
 秋风辞 Ode tO the Autumo Wind
 行行重行行 Trudging On and On
 迢迢牵牛星 Cowherd Star So High High Up
 饮马长城窟行 Our River Banks
 孔雀东南飞 Peacocks Southeast Travelling
 短歌行 AShortSong
 燕歌行 Night Longings
 野田黄雀行 The Lark Snared
 七步诗 Poem Composed Within Seven Paces,Time
 饮酒(之五) Written over a Cup of Wine
 杂诗(之一) MisceUaneous Poems(The First)
 敕勒歌 Steppe of Us Tiele Tribes
第二章 唐代诗歌
 送杜少府之任蜀州 Farewell to Mr Du Off to Sicbun
 春江花月夜 Spring Riverside with Moonlit Blossoms
 登鹳雀楼 On Top of Stork Tower
 凉州词 Beyond the Jade Pass
 从军行(琵琶起舞换新声 In the Army
 出塞(秦时明月汉时关) On The Fronticr
 黄鹤楼 Yellow Crane xower
 相思 Lovesick Beans
 渭城曲 Farewell Outside Wei Citv
第三章 唐、五代词
第四章 宋代诗词
第五章 元明清诗词曲
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Chinese Classical Poems with English Translations & Comments