Chinese Festivals

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Festivals are the carrier of the national soul and sentiment of the Chinese people, and are also the essence of the national affinity and cohesion. The culture of festivals roots deeply in the people, and it thus shows its enormous vitality. In spite of the change of times, it has gradually become part of the heritages of the colorful Chinese culture. Some important ones, the four major festivals (the Spring Festival, Pure Brightness Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival) in particular, are still widely celebrated among people. China's statutory festivals and memorial days include New Year's Day, Women's Day, Tree- planting Day, Labor Day, Youth Day, Children's Day, Army's Day, Teachers' Day and National Day, and etc. Minority people in China boast various festivals and almost every nationality has her own major festivals. Typical examples are the Tibetan New Year Festival, Water-Splashing Festival for Dai people, and Torch Festival for Yi People, the Singing Carnival for Zhuang people and Nadam Fair for Mongolian people.
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Chinese Festivals