Chinese Festivals - Culture China Series

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The book provides an entry to the charming Chinese folk culture. The readers will learn the origin, history, and celebration of the most important Chinese festivals, which include twelve traditional festivals, nine statutory festivals and twenty one festivals of the Chinese minorities.

This book is part of the Cultural China Series which is a fascinating series on various facets of Chinese culture. It is written & published in PR China on high quality glossy paper with many colored photographs. This volume is a must read for understanding the various Chinese festivals (holidays). You will find this book both interesting and helpful. The book covers traditional, statutory (legal), and minority festivals. The times, history, and customs of each festivals are covered with accompanying photographs.


Table of Contents
Chinese Festivals
Traditional Festivals
 Laba Festival
 Preliminary Year
 Spring Festival
 Yuanxiao Festival
 Spring Dragon Festival
 Pure Brightness Festival
 Dragon Boat Festival
 Double Seventh Festival
 Ullam-bana Festival
 Mid-Autumn Festival
 Double Ninth Festival
 Dong Jie
Statutory Festivals
 New Year's Day
 March 8th Women's Day
 Tree-Planting Day
 May 1 st International Labor Day
 May 4th Youth Day
 June 1 st International Children' s Day
 August 1st Army's Day
 Teachers' Day
 National Day
Festivals of the Minorities
 Nadam Fair
 Tibetan New Year
 Shoton Festival
 Bathing Festival
 Fast-Breaking Festival
 Corban Festival
 Torch Festival
 Pan Wang Festival
 Danu Festival
 Miao Dragon Boat Festival
 Flowery Mountains Festival
 Water-Splashing Festival
 Third Month Street Fair
 Double Third Singing Carnival
 Longduan Street Festival
 Knife-Pole Festival
 New Rice Festival
 Harvest Ceremony
 Huijia Festival
 Filling-up-the-Storehouse Festival
 Munao Festival
Appendix: Chinese Dynasties
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Chinese Festivals - Culture China Series